All USB Flash Drive Collectibles in Crossfire X Operation Spectre


Crossfire X Operation Spectre All USB Collectibles

Crossfire X Operatio Spectre has 62 total collectible items including 7 USB Flash Drives and 55 Lynx Toys

How to find all the USB Drives in Operation Spectre Crossfire X Video Game

USB Flash Drives

  1. Original Catalyst
  2. Patient 112GN
  3. Eva Torress Archives
  4. EOE Research
  5. Recovered Catalyst Intel
  6. Cora’s Message
  7. Nano-Dyne Results

Video Walkthrough How to find all the USB Locations in Crossfire X

You will fine your First USB Flash Drive in Chapter One during the Out of Time mission. When the door opens to the server room look to your left you will find the USB Flash drive on a table. Plant chargers on the servers and move on.

In Chapter 3 Within Reach mission Logon gets trapped by lasers Torres will have to disable the security System. As you enter the security room look to your left you will find another USB Flash Drive

Chapter 4 Dead Ends as Torres moves through the lab on his way to Kill Maddox you will pass a rack of white lab coats and then open the security door. Turn right and then enter your first room on the left you will find a room with 3 D models in the back right side of the room on a small table you will find your next USB flash drive collectable.

Chapter 4 the Labyrinth Mission, After Torres escapes his cell and searches for a way out of the Global Risk prison armed with only a knife. Take out the first guard and grab his weapon dispatch the next few guards around the corner turn left you will find another USB drive on the ground next to a pair of sunglasses.

After moving through the underground section Torress will open a large bunker door take care of the guards inside in the center of the control room you will locate another USB flash drive. It will be in the center of the room before you head to the back to locate the computer with the prison maps to find Logan.

Chapter 5 From the Ashes

When this mission starts the Ghost will be standing on a cliff looking down at the guards , jump down and take care of them you will find a USB flash drive on the ground near a glowing blue light. It is on the opposite side of the cave with the flare.

Once you get the defense systems activated jump up to the second floor and move around the room, on a cart with a laptop you will find the last USB Flash drive Collectable item in Crossfire X Operation Spectre