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Back 4 Blood The Crossing Walkthrough

This page is part of the Bayouagame Back 4 Blood guide, and it explains how to plant the bomb, use the mini-gun, and blow up the boat during the Act 1 mission The Crossing.

The Crossing Walkthrough

Have you tried and failed several times to complete The Crossing? We’re here to assist you because the directions for this task aren’t entirely clear. We guarantee that once you have a better understanding of what you need to do, you will have no trouble completing this job in the future.

So you’re probably wondering if there’s anything special you should do to prepare for The Crossing. Well, that’s entirely up to you and your playing style; but, if you need some advice, we recommend choosing Mobility and Defense-type Active Cards, as you’ll be running around a lot and taking a lot of damage, so more stamina and health won’t hurt.

Before we get started, we can’t emphasize enough how crucial it is to communicate with your teammates, especially during The Crossing. If you’re playing with a group of friends, you’ll probably be alright; however, if you’re playing with strangers – we’ve been there – and aren’t using voice chat, you’ll want to make an effort to use in-game communications like pings.

How to Escape Across the Bridge

Once your clean-up team is ready to go, Open the safe room door and clear the area of all Ridden once your clean-up squad is ready to go, but don’t blast the giant red gas tank obstructing the path to the bridge just yet.

After the area has been cleared, look for any supplies you can locate, as you will not have another opportunity after this. Look for the red gas tank sitting along a massive concrete wall and fire at it once the team is ready. Following the explosion of the gas tank, a swarm of Ridden will descend onto the area.

It’s critical to go across the bridge as soon as the wall has been destroyed, because the longer you wait to cross, the more difficult it will be to survive. This is where many teams go haywire, as they wait in the area, attempting to clear the horde before moving on. This horde, however, has a catch: it will not stop. So no matter how long you try to hold off, the horde will keep coming.

So, what’s the best way to get across the bridge? Everyone crossing the bridge at the same moment is critical to your team’s success. So keep sprinting until you reach the waypoint marker in the distance, removing any Ridden in your way. When you get to the end of the bridge, go into the ship’s entryway, which is marked by a blue truck, and climb the nearby set of steps to the upper deck.

Run to the opposite end of the top deck, where you’ll see a white van that has collided with the ferry’s side. A little trail leading to your recently arriving support staff can be found here. Ascend to the bridge and wait for the rest of the party to arrive.

Pick up the mini-gun that’s on the ground by the concrete block and place it in the area once your team has regrouped and continued to hold off the incoming horde – make sure it’s positioned in such a way that it can cover the length of the ship, as you won’t be able to pick it up once it’s been placed.

How to Beat The Crossing SOLO

How to Use Explosive to Cut Off the Horde and Blow Up the Boat

You’ll need to plant some explosives to cut off the horde now that your crew has held the area and positioned the mini-gun.

To accomplish so, we propose running in pairs, with two team members working together to plant the bomb in the designated area while the other two stay behind to keep the horde under control.

If you’re staying back, have one team member handle the mini-gun while the other attracts the horde’s attention, bringing them within range of the mini-gun. Because this work is pretty basic, if the bomb team is having trouble, you may easily run an additional member on the explosives team as backup.

Explosives Team: Because the explosives team is arguably the more difficult of the two, you’ll want to leave it to your two most confident team members, as the only way you’ll succeed is if you both have each other’s backs, taking out any Ridden who might pose a threat, as it’s easy to become overwhelmed in the ship’s sometimes cramped quarters. With that stated, once you’re ready, grab the two bombs near the Humvee and make your way to the two-waypoint marker inside the Engine Room, which is located on the lowest deck of the ferry.

Look for well-lit stairwells and descend them until you reach the bottom floor if you’re having trouble finding the waypoint markers. Start placing the explosives after you’ve located them; however, you’ll need to coordinate this with your squad because you’ll only have 60 seconds to return to your support team on the bridge before you’ll perish in the blast.