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Secret locations in Back 4 Blood: Golden Skull
All 10 places in the Back 4 Blood campaign where you can locate the golden skulls

Do you want to know where the golden skulls secrets in Back 4 Blood may be found? Each chapter of the game has one golden skull concealed in a secret location. While discovering each of the ten golden skulls does not result in anything other than an achievement, they might be interesting to hunt for for that extra bit of challenge.

There are golden skulls to be found, and they may be found in both the co-op and solo missions. The achievements, on the other hand, only appear if you’re playing the co-op campaign. This will be a common dilemma if you’re trying to unlock Jim, Karlee, Doc, and Hoffman in Back 4 Blood.

How to unlock all cleaners in Back 4 Blood.

To obtain the golden skulls, simply select one of the Back 4 Blood campaign acts and travel to the designated area, then interact with the characters to earn the accomplishment. We’ll go over all of the Back 4 Blood golden skull secret locations and how to find them in this tutorial. From the act selection screen, each skull is listed in chronological sequence.

Collecting All 10 Golden Skulls In Back 4 Blood

Collecting All 10 Golden Skulls In Back 4 Blood
Collecting All 10 Golden Skulls In Back 4 Blood

Here are all ten golden skull secret places in Back 4 Blood:

Collecting All 10 Golden Skulls In Back 4 Blood

The Crossing – Turn left and sprint below as you board the ship from the bridge. To return down the ship, turn right and look for a red cargo container on your right. To find the first skull inside the briefcase.

Book Worms– To get to the basement of the Haven Apartments, go outside and down the stairwell. Then proceed to the ground floor and search behind the desk in the room on the left.

Special Delivery – Continue until you reach the lumber yard, which is directly before the safe house. Then, outside the lumber yard, climb to the top of the dumpster and jump across the pallets until you reach the golden skull.

Hell’s Bells – in the foggy woods, between the turtle plush trailer and the small wooden shack, there’s a big mound. To find the skull, climb to the top of this mound.

A Call to Arms – look for a house with a chicken coop past Robb’s Mill. The chicken coop contains the skull.

Hinterland – just before the large bridge, peek behind the waterfall. To find it, you’ll have to wade through the water.

Grave Danger — as you reach the church, choose the right-hand path. To discover an open crypt, turn right and walk to the far end of the cemetery. A turtle plush and a golden skull can be found within the crypt’s doorway.

Garden Party – Instead of heading upstairs when you escape the maze towards the safe house, go through the next entrance. You’ll locate the skull inside a font if you follow this path.

Making the Grade – ascend the bleachers and see through the window into the school gymnasium. Follow the trail to the right until you reach the stairwell. Turn right, then right again to discover a blue and yellow tent instead of climbing them. The skull can be found inside the tent.

The Abomination – You’ll locate a very narrow veiny bridge immediately off the main road when the mission asks you to destroy the body’s weak spots. After walking a short distance across, gently ascend the first vein on your right until you reach the summit. The completed skull is pressed against the skin’s surface.

That concludes the Golden Skull Secret Locations in Back 4 Blood. If you’re interested, we also offer tips on the best Back 4 Blood cards to utilize in your campaign runs and which Back 4 Blood characters are best for your playstyle.

By finding each skull, you will receive the following achievements:

  • Port Man Toe?
  • Bell Hop
  • Pallet Cleanser
  • Easily Mist
  • Cooped Up
  • Dangerous To Go Alone
  • Cryptozoologist
  • Night Of The Living Hedge
  • Extra Credit
  • Mind Your Step

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