Back 4 Blood – How to start a private lobby

Back 4 Blood

If you wish to have a private campaign without any random players, you can start a private lobby in Back 4 Blood.

How to start a private lobby - Back 4 Blood
How to start a private lobby – Back 4 Blood

In Back 4 Blood, creating a private lobby assures that no random players can join you. This is perfect for gamers who have friends who will join in the fun later or for those who wish to play with a few friends and a bot. It’s easy to overlook the option to start a private game because it’s tucked away.

Visit the tent to begin the campaign or to access the menu. Scroll down to the Preferences option on the Play tab. Change your options before starting a campaign in Back 4 Blood to start a private lobby. Turn on Private Campaign Lobby. This will stop random players from joining. Bots will cover the roles of absent players if you have a Private Campaign Lobby and start a campaign with less than four players.

Back 4 Blood: How to Invite and Play with Friends

Back 4 Blood is meant to be enjoyed with friends, which is why knowing how to invite them and start a co-op campaign is crucial. You’ll be able to join a group and start cleaning up the Ridden together even if your friend is playing on Xbox while you’re on PC.

How to invite friends – Back 4 Blood

You must first enter the game and be in Fort Hope before inviting a friend to play Back 4 Blood. You’ll be able to send out invitations to friends once you’ve arrived at this area.

  1. Click on the pause button
  2. Select Social
  3. Under the B4B Friends of Xbox Friends find your friend you want to invite
  4. Select their name and choose Invite to Party.

After your friend accepts the invite they will appear in your Fort Hope camp.

The “Invite to play” option is the other option you’ll notice. Instead than using Back 4 Blood’s internal message system, this option uses the invite system on your console or PC. This implies that anyone who receives a “Invite to Play” on Xbox will have to use the Guide system to participate. It’s just another way to invite people to your party, so it could be a viable choice if the other technique fails.

You can head over to the tent and start a campaign once your invites have been sent and your guests have arrived. Select the one that best meets your requirements. You might want to play Act 1 with your pals so that you can unlock the other characters.