Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Game

Start your Bassmaster career today by downloading Bassmaster Fishing 2022. Compete as Elite Series Anglers or build your own and climb the leaderboards to win the Bassmaster Classic and fishing immortality. Get the Deluxe Edition today to unlock exclusive exclusive wraps, equipment, cosmetics, and Master Challenges that will help you become a true master of the water!

Gamers and fishermen can rejoice as Dovetail Games, a producer and publisher of authentic simulation games, announced a new cooperation with B.A.S.S. to create Bassmaster Fishing 2022, the largest bass fishing video game ever developed.

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Sabine RIver Hot Spots

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Best Location to Fish on Lake Guntersville

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Become the Pro

 the largest bass fishing video game ever developed.
Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Game

The game has a wide range of new features, game types, and mechanisms. Large multiplayer lobbies, cross-play, Bassmaster Royale, a fully licensed career mode, and much more will be available starting October 28.

You’ll be able to play as — or compete against — 10 Elite Series anglers when you first start the game, including Hank Cherry, the two-time back-to-back Bassmaster Classic Champion, Takumi Ito, the winner of the 2021 St. Lawrence River Elite Event, and our vivacious cover-star Scott Martin.

You can fish like the professionals, beginning with the College Series and working your way up to Bassmaster immortality – all while using fantastic branded gear like Scott Martin’s Skeeter boat with a powerful 250HP Yamaha outboard motor.

Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Shows Off Multiple New Levels

Anglers in Bassmaster Fishing 2022 will have the option of starting their fishing careers in one of eight unique locations. These environments provide a variety of difficulties and opportunities, ranging from dense swamps and packed boat yards to acres of open sea, all with magnificent scenery and an all-new day and night cycle to enhance the immersive experience. Players can utilize the new GPS map marker system to keep track of hotspots and underwater structures where they find more bites, which will help them improve their performance when they return.

  • Lake Hamilton – Nestled in the Ouachita Mountains, Hot Springs is one of the most popular fisheries in Arkansas.
  • Toledo Bend – This reservoir separates Texas and Louisiana in the heart of the beautiful Sabine National Forest.
  • St. Lawrence River – Connecting the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean is the St. Lawrence River. These waters are where the Smallmouth Bass takes center stage.
  • Chickamauga Lake – This lake has become “The Land of the Giants” for Largemouth Bass, rated the second-best bass fishing lake in the U.S by Bassmaster Magazine.
  • Lake Ray Roberts – Selected as the venue for the 2021 Bassmaster Classic, Lake Ray Roberts in Texas is sure to be a hit with the Pro’s and the fans alike.
  • St. Johns River, Palatka – A regular venue on the Bassmaster Elite Tour and the longest river in Florida, the St. Johns River is packed with honey holes and hawgs.
  • Guntersville Scottsboro – The largest lake in Alabama and a firm favorite on the Elite Tour, Lake Guntersville always produces top-level competition.
  • Sabine River – A huge variety of areas to fish in makes the Sabine River a fascinating venue for competitive B.A.S.S. events.

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