Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Learning the Basics

Bassmaster Fishing

In Bassmaster Fishing 2022, you’ll be able to play as or compete against ten Elite Series pros for the first time ever! Take on or play as Scott Martin, two-time Bassmaster Classic Champion Hank Cherry, and eight other Elite Series pros. You may not only play as the pros, but you can also dress up as some of their real-life sponsors to really immerse yourself in the Bassmaster world.

Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 debuts with eight real-world locations! Check out the Sabine River’s dense backwaters, Lake Ray Roberts’ broader open parts, or the St. Johns River’s historic Memorial Bridge. Each location has been designed to be as realistic as possible, with just as much going on above and below the sea. Underwater structure, realistic vegetation, and fish species are just a few of the many details that help to bring these locations to life.

Getting Started with Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Learning the Basics

Main Menu

The home page on the main menu allows you to jump straight into the action through the
Bassmaster Venues, Career, and Bassmaster Online options. In the Mastery menu, you can check on
your progress towards the mastery challenges.
The Manage menu is where you can change your anglers practice and tournament outfits. You can
also purchase and choose your fishing boat including the wrap your boat uses. Finally, the manage
section is where you can select and upgrade your fishing equipment such as rods, reels, and lures.
Check your progress on the Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 Mastery Challenges via the Mastery tab. This
shows you your progression and what challenges you have to complete on different venues, game
modes, and more.
The shop is where you can purchase new DLC such as new venues, new equipment, or the digital
deluxe upgrade pack.

Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Learning the Basics
Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Learning the Basics

Boat Controls

ActionControls Xbox/Playstaion
Drive ForwardRT / R2
Drive BackwardLT / L2
Turn RightLeft Stick / Left Stick
Turn LeftLeft Stick / Left Stick
Fish Finder/ Mini Map ToggleB Button / Circle Button
Switch To CastingX Button / Square Button
(Hold) Adjust Trolling MotorX Button / Square Button
Increase Trolling ThrottleUp D-pad / Up D-pad
Decrease Trolling ThrottleDown D-Pad / Down D-Pad
Trolling – Steer LeftLeft D-pad / Left D-pad
Trolling – Steer RightRight D-Pad / Right D-Pad

Game Modes

Bassmaster Venues
This mode is for players that want to jump in and do some relaxing fishing in a non-competitive
environment. Choose any of the venues in-game and explore the waters at ease, so you’re ready
when it comes to tournament fishing.
Career Mode
You can play out your career just like the pros, taking on multiple tournaments when you start your
career. Expect Pro Challenges, Grand Slam events, and traditional tournaments as you move up
through the College Series, Opens, and Elite Series to get to the final stage — The Bassmaster

Bassmaster Royale
Bassmaster Royale is an all-new, adrenaline-pumping game mode where you’ll go head-to-head with
other players to be the last player standing. This mode follows the traditional Bassmaster rules,
which are the total weight of your biggest 5 bass (Largemouth, Smallmouth or Spotted Bass). To stay
in the game, you’ll need to keep your fish weight total above other players or risk getting eliminated
throughout the match. The player with the largest weight at the end of the match is the winner.

Freedom Fishing
Online Freedom Fishing is where you can fish with friends. Choose a venue server and join to fish
with other anglers.

Angler’s Hub

Legendary Catches
Each venue has 10 Legendary named fish for you to catch. The Legendary Catches page is where you
can track what fish you’ve caught so far and what ones you have left to land.
Species List
The Species List shows you exactly what fish you can catch in Bassmaster® Fishing 2022. You can also
see your best catch of the specific species. This page also gives you a brief description for each fish,
so you know exactly what you’re fishing for.
The Sponsors page allows you to set 5 active sponsors to your angler. While playing, your angler will
gain followers for every fish catch and every tournament you win. The better the catch or win, the
more followers you gain. Earning more followers while signed with sponsors will improve your
relationship with that sponsor. Improving your relationship with sponsors gives you discount
benefits when purchasing and upgrading your equipment in the Manage menu.
Player Profile
In the Player Profile you can see an overview of your player stats. This includes information such as
you overall weight caught, your progression throughout the career mode, and other stats relating to
specific venues.

Casting Guide

Power Up Cast (Basic Cast Control)Hold RT/ Hold R2
Cast Out (Total Cast Control)Hold LT / Hold L2
Switch Casting MethodLS Press / L3
Reset LineB Button / Circle Button
Increase Reel SpeedRB / R1
Decrease Reel SpeedLB / L1
Increase DragUp D-pad / Up D-pad
Decrease DragDown D-Pad / Down D-Pad
Turn LeftLeft Stick / Left Stick
Turn RightLeft Stick / Left Stick

Basic Cast Control

  1. Basic Cast Control is enabled in the settings menu under “Game Settings” by
    changing the ‘Casting Method’ to ‘Basic Cast Control’.
  2. In order to enter the casting ‘state’, press Right Click (LT) while in-game by
    the water’s edge, and a power bar will then appear.
  3. Hold down Left Click (RT) to start filling the power bar.
  4. Release the button to cast. However, avoid going into the red zone, as accuracy of
    the cast will be lost.

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Total Cast Control

Total Cast Control is enabled in the settings menu under ‘Game Settings’. Set the
‘Casting Method’ to ‘Total Cast Control’.

In order to enter the casting ‘state’, hold Right Click (LT) while in-game by
the water’s edge.

Move the mouse down (right thumb stick) to bring the rod back over your head.

Move the mouse forward (right thumb stick) to push the rod forward.

Release Right Click (LT) as the lead is travelling forward over your head.

Fishing User Interface

ReelingLT / L2
Finesse ControlRT / R2