The best characters in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood

The best characters in Back 4 Blood

To defeat Nightmare difficulties, you’ll need to pick your team carefully, and we’re here to help with our guide to Back 4 Blood’s greatest characters.

How to unlock all Cleaners in Back 4 Blood

To cut to the chase, Hoffman, Mom, Doc, and Walker are the best characters in Back 4 Blood. Some players may love Holly over Walker let us talk about it. This combination is your best bet if you’re having trouble beating Nightmare or even Veteran difficulties. Back 4 Blood has a scarcity of resources, and this team will help you survive when your inventory is depleted and things are looking grim. If you wish to play as Hoffman or Doc, though, you’ll need to first figure out how to unlock all of the cleaners in Back 4 Blood.

Not every Back 4 Blood character is built the same.


Spawn ammo w/ kills Ridden Hoffman kills have a chance to drop ammo

Offensive Item Slot +1 offensive inventory slot (for pipe bombs, grenades, etc.)

Team Ammo Capacity +10% team max ammo capacity

A meticulous individual, enthusiastic prepper, and conspiracy theorist. When the infection hit, he and his mother hunkered down and rode out the storm as the rest of the world fell into chaos. After his mother passed away in her sleep and his supplies ran out, he left his boarded-up house to face the world of the Devil Worm. Howard Robert Hoffman is genuinely skilled and good hearted, with an earnest desire to be a useful part of the team. As part of the Cleaners, he’s finally come across the family that he’s always wanted – he just had to wade through the zombie apocalypse to find it.

To begin with, the ammo dropped by Hoffman after he kills a Ridden can be collected by the entire team. Back 4 Blood’s ammo is scarce, even when compared to Left 4 Dead, therefore keeping your crew loaded up is crucial on higher difficulties.

Because Hoffman has the ability to carry extra ammo and grenades, our Hoffman build focuses on putting that firepower to good use. Hoffman is your man if you like your zombies to be ripped apart and scattered by explosives. This Hoffman build emphasizes on improving your gun and explosive damage and ammo capacity, guaranteeing that you can fight your way through any mob.

Hoffman is primarily a support character whose special skills will boost your party’s overall damage output while also enhancing your chances of survival in the long run. It’s his one-of-a-kind mix of support and DPS that makes him indispensable.


Heals low health teammates even without items

Healing Efficiency

Team Trauma Resistance Increased team Trauma resistance (Trauma is the decrease you take to your maximum health as you take damage during a campaign)

She has been instrumental in keeping Fort Hope up and running, but this is far from the life Doc expected when she first came to America. Fiercely independent, she sacrificed social life for career. It wasn’t until years later that she finally found a kindred spirit in Mom. After the Collapse, Doc’s no-nonsense attitude and pragmatic outlook served her well. Though her bedside manner can take some getting used to, no one denies she’s one hell of a doctor and a mean shot to boot.

Do you want to know what Doc’s greatest build is in Back 4 Blood? Doc is Back 4 Blood’s resident healer, therefore she plays a supportive function similar to Mom. Doc’s passive benefits allow her to heal each teammate for 25 health once every level, while also improving her healing efficiency and the trauma resistance of the squad.

Doc is simply the finest overall healer in the game, making her an almost indispensible aspect of most team compositions. Her +20 percent healing ability is enough to put her in the “must-have” category. Everything else she can accomplish only adds to the case for bringing her into battle.


Instant Revive Can instantly revive one downed teammate per level

Support Inventory +1 support inventory slot (for healing items like Med Kits and Painkillers)

Team Extra Life One additional team life. This means every team member can be downed an extra time before dying. It is NOT an extra continue.

The only person surprised that Mom became the voice of survivors in Finleyville was herself. She’s never shirked from a challenge and always puts the needs of others over her own. Still, for one who’s used to bucking authority, her newfound responsibility sometimes weighs uneasily on her. Although she has faith in her Cleaners, Mom has questioned other leaders’ strategies on more than one occasion, especially since the death of her son. Mom’s goal is simple, make the Ridden pay.

With the ability to quickly resurrect a teammate once every level, IMom is one of the best characters in Back 4 Blood. She also gives the crew an extra life and a larger support inventory, which you can use to stock up on bandages, painkillers, and other medical supplies found during your zombie-stomping exploits.

Mom’s revival-focused skills, on the other hand, mean that you’re essentially relying on your friends to die at some point in order to get the most out of her. While this will happen at higher difficulty levels, you may not get as much out of her on “easy” runs.


Recover Stamina w/ kills

Damage Resistance +10% increased damage resistance

Team Stamina +25 team stamina

After losing her family to the Devil Worm, Holly Forrester learned to channel all her energy into being a Cleaner and is known as the glue that keeps the team together. Armed with her trusty nail spiked baseball bat she affectionately calls “Dottie,” Holly’s resilience and never-say-die attitude helps boost the team’s morale and is often seen as a ray of light in the darkness of the apocalypse.

When Holly kills a Ridden, she regains 10 stamina, gains +10 percent damage resistance, and even grants the entire squad an extra 25 stamina. With the appropriate cards, you can push Holly even further, turning her into an absolute powerhouse and establishing her place as one of Back 4 Blood’s strongest characters.


Precision Kills increase accuracy Precision kills (headshots on normal Ridden, glowing red weakspots on special Ridden) grant Walker 20% increased accuracy for five seconds

Damage Walker deals 10% increased damage

Team Health +10 team max health

Walker is a sharpshooter who improves his accuracy by killing with precision. He also enhances everyone’s health by ten percent and deals ten percent more damage, making him an invaluable part of any team. To truly unlock his full potential, though, you must develop the finest build possible using all of the cards available to you. Back 4 Blood has over 100 cards, so check out our Supply Lines guide to see how to get started unlocking them all.

The oldest of five siblings, Elijah Walker was born in Evansburgh to a hardworking, blue collar family. The former Army Ranger and war-torn veteran is highly skilled with a wealth of front-line combat experience. Walker is a man of few words, but when he speaks, he commands the attention of his fellow Cleaners, who all respect his commitment to the fight.

Walker is a pure damage dealer, as you can probably guess from his abilities. He’ll be a popular solo selection, but he brings enough to the table to deserve a slot on most team squads.


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