Best Location to Fish on Lake Guntersville

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Bassmaster Fishing 2022 Lake Guntersville Best Locations

75 lb Flathead Catfish Lake Guntersville

Lake Guntersville, Scottsboro

Lake Guntersville was created by the Guntersville Dam as part of the Tennessee Valley Act to help with agriculture, energy, industry, and recreation. You can stay within this region to explore twists and turns around residential cottages, or you can head out right and follow it around to join the main body of water, starting with enormous wooden piers.

What fish are in Lake Guntersville?

Fish Species List:

Largemouth BassSpotted Bass
Black CrappieWhite Crappie
BluegillLongnose Gar
Chain PickerelWalleye
Channel CatfishBlue Catfish
Flathead CatfishStriped Bass
White BassFreshwater Drum

Lake Guntersville Fishing Guide For Bassmasters Fishing 2022 Game.

Lake Guntersville Legendary Bass Fish

Bassquatch 15 lb 13 oz 28.98 in

Dollar Bill 15lb 4 oz 28.63in

Bucketmouth 14lb 11oz 28.31in

Bes 14lb 5oz 28.09in

Bi Dog 11lb 1oz 25.99in

bulldozer 10lb 5oz 25.45in

Hercules 10lb 2oz 25.30in

The Ogre 9lb 7oz 24.75in

The Heat 8lb 15oz 23.32in

Pandora 8lb 9oz 24.07in