Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Diecast Models


Beginner’s Guide to Collecting Diecast Models

How to Get Started Collecting Diecast Cars!

Diecast automobile models are similar to exquisite mechanical watches in many ways. The value and rarity of a diecast car increases with the amount of moving components, similar to how the value and rarity of a mechanical watch increases with the number of complications it possesses. Some of the more expensive diecast model automobiles have working features like suspensions, steering, doors, mirrors, and an openable bonnet and boot.

1932 Cadillac V16 Sport Phaeton Convertible and Mr. Monopoly 

Diecast models are more than just toys; they properly depict the actual vehicles’ mechanical and historical advances. Because diecast models are composed of metal, they have a higher level of detail than their plastic counterparts and also endure longer, which is a big plus for collectors. So, how can you get started with diecast models, and what should you think about while putting together your own personal collection? Read on for some helpful hints on this popular and satisfying pastime!

The scale model’s size also has an impact on the diecast automobile model’s worth. In general, the larger the model car, the higher its worth. 1:18 scale diecast cars, for example, would be more valuable than 1:43 scale diecast cars. While most manufacturers license their diecast car models to a number of suppliers, other businesses, such as Bugatti and Ferrari, maintain their licensing more exclusive, resulting in higher prices for their diecast cars.

When someone asks if you have a hobby, the response is almost always “yes,” and it may be anything from fishing to sports to painting to building and restoring vehicles to cooking, but it can also be related to collecting things, and there are collectors for everything, some of whom are rather insane.

A Little History of Diecast Cars

The origins of diecast automobile manufacturing may be traced back to England: Two of the largest toy firms competing for market share in the 1950s and 1960s were British. Following the success of the original British manufacturers, an American diecast company called Hot Wheels entered the market, eventually dominating it. But, forty years before those toys even made it over the Atlantic, a formidable firm called Dinky Toys dramatically transformed the toy market.

Matchbox Cars
Lesney Products, a British business, launched “Matchbox” automobiles, which would soon become a household name, shortly after Corgi introduced transparent windows. These automobiles, named from the fake matchbox in which they were packaged, were much smaller in size but very economical. Lesney Products created a wide range of models, swiftly outnumbering their competitors in terms of volume, if not in terms of quality. Matchbox automobiles were also created in about 1:65 scale, however proportions were frequently changed to match their pint-sized packaging. Their popularity did not suffer as a result of this.

How Wheels

Hot Wheels is a toy that you may play with
In 1968, Elliot Handler, the creator of Mattel Toys and a toy industry legend, introduced a new brand of miniature toy automobiles called Hot Wheels. Hot Wheels were designed as fanciful custom hot rods with exaggerated proportions and pull-back racing functions, rather than being modeled after real-life automobiles, which set them apart from their competition. In America, “The Original Sweet 16” vehicles and a racing track set (sold separately, of course) were produced to great acclaim. They extended their success to Europe in 1969.

Hot Wheels Super Rigs

McLaren Senna Vision Pure White and Black 1/18 Model
McLaren Senna Vision Pure White and Black 1/18 Model

How to Begin Collecting Diecast Models

As a future diecast collector, you should think about how you want your collection to look. There are no hard and fast rules here; rather, personal choices will aid in the development of a collection you can be proud of. Having a concept of the categories you want to collect can make it easier to source diecast models that work well together to form a larger collection, whether you collect automobiles and trucks, trains and trams, buses and coaches, military machines, or antique Dinky Toys.

Aside from the vehicle kinds, there are a few additional things to think about when establishing your collection:

Diecast models are available in a variety of scales, with the most popular being 1:12, 1:36, and 1:43. (Dinky Toys).

Do you want to focus on Dinky Toys, Matchbox, or Mattel as a brand? Do you wish to collect Lamborghinis exclusively or supercars in general?

Are you a lover of vehicles from the 1960s or 1970s, or from another era? Using defined periods to capture the history of your models is a wonderful approach to do it.

Storage and display of your diecast models

Your diecast models will be stored and shown in this area.
It’s crucial to examine where and how you store your diecast models, whether you have one or hundreds. Here are a few things to think about before displaying your first model:

Type of display casing – Will you utilize a premade case or will you build one from scratch to fit your specific collection? If you aren’t handy with tools or want to save time, the first choice, with a plethora of possibilities available online, may be your best bet. Alternatively, customizing a case to fit your needs provides you more flexibility and allows you to be more creative with the space you have.

Surroundings – Where will you keep your display? Your diecast collection can really stand out as a focus of any room with a well-positioned, well-lit display that takes into account the surrounding decor.

In or out of the box? — This is largely a matter of personal preference, but both have advantages. Do you want to brag about your models’ quality? When you display your diecast models outside of the box, you have the flexibility to arrange them in a variety of ways. Keeping them boxed restricts your display possibilities but allows them to be stacked, allowing you to show off more.

Lykan Hypersport Red with Lights and Dom Figurine "Fast & Furious" Movie 1/18 Diecast Model Car by Jada
Lykan Hypersport Red with Lights and Dom Figurine “Fast & Furious” Movie 1/18 Diecast Model Car by Jada


  • Brand new 1/18 scale diecast car model of Lykan Hypersport Red with Lights and Dom Figurine “Fast & Furious” Movie die cast model car by Jada.
  • Brand new box.
  • Real rubber tires.
  • Officially licensed product.
  • Has functioning rear spoiler.
  • Light-up headlights and taillights.
  • Made of diecast with some plastic parts.
  • Dom figurine is approximately 4 inches tall.
  • Detailed interior, exterior, engine compartment.
  • Included 3 x “LR44/AG13” button cell batteries.
  • Has opening frunk, doors and engine compartment.
  • Dimensions approximately L-10, W-4.75, H-2.75 inches.