Contrast Luminary Locations


Where to find all the Luminaries in Contrast the video game.

Where to find all the Luminaries in Contrast the video game.
Where to find all the Luminaries in Contrast the video game.

CONTRAST: CASINOT is a charming 2D/3D puzzle platformer where you can shift from a fantastic 3D world to a mysterious shadowy casino universe in 2D in the blink of an eye

In CONTRAST: CASINOT, you will explore a dreamlike, vaudevillian world of the 1920s. In this universe, where the boundaries between showmanship, magic, gambling and deception are blurred, you play as Dawn, the imaginary friend of a young girl named Didi.

Luminaries are incredibly important items in Contrast since they will fuel numerous game aspects. Although a certain number of Luminaries are required to advance the level, there are plenty more strewn throughout the Acts for you to acquire.

This guide will help you get all the Luminaries in the three Acts.

Act 1

Luminary #1
Location. When you exit the alley, you’ll come upon the first luminary. It’s impossible to overlook.

Luminary #2
Location. After getting the first luminary, descend the stairs. Look across the street; there should be a luminary on the balcony. Look to your left for a shadow of a bicycle tire.

Go towards and, and up to the balcony to get the luminary.

Luminary #3
Location. Once you acquire the ability to break through wooden planks, don’t bother breaking them yet.

Look for a phonograph that has been lit. When you get there, look to the left for a luminary hidden under some wooden boards. To get to it, use your newly gained ability.

Luminary #4
Location. Return to the phonograph and go through it after obtaining the third luminary. To get to the luminary on the balcony, climb the silhouette.

Luminary #5
Location. This luminary will be right in your path to the manager’s office.

Luminary #6
Location. Once inside the manager’s office, the luminary can be found past the reel on the manager’s desk, just behind the newspaper article.

Luminary #7
Location. Once you have used up the luminaries to get past the Void, go to the left to the wooden plants with “Cation” on them. Break through and you’ll see 2 cafe tables with umbrellas ghost you can interact with.

Interact with the one who is closest to you. After a few seconds of waiting while the clicking sound plays, interact with the second umbrella. Shift to the wall behind them, then jump up onto the shadow of the chairs to the higher shadow.

The clicking timer for the 1st umbrella will expire, and the one for the second will start. When the second expires, it will elevate you to reach the balcony, which has the luminary.

Luminary #8
Location. Near the Excelsior hotel, there is a microphone stand that is glowing. Activate this and shift to the middle of the silhouette.

Jump to the lower part of the hair, wait for the legs to get closer, and the jump onto the heels. Wait for you to get to the balcony and jump.

Luminary #9
Location. This luminary is found inside the Excelsior hotel. Move the cart into the elevator shaft, and then go up to the next floor. Interact with the elevator switch.

Head to the other end of the room, and interact with the left switch of the controls there. Lower the shadow just enough so that’s lower than the first floor. Now, control the right switch, and lower shadow so you can jump onto it.

Shift and use the two shadows to gain access to the next floor. Go around, and enter the open doorway. It leads to a stairway, with the luminary at the bottom.

Luminary #10
Location. The final luminary of Act I is located in the Excelsior hotel as well. Return up the stairs after getting the 9th one and head to the elevator.

Interact with the switch, then go to the side with the open door. Use the controls to move the chandlers. Back at the second floor start manipulating the chandeliers again. This time, make the larger one level with the shadow on the left wall

Act 2

Luminary #1
Location. This luminary is located inside the tent. You have to jump over the boxes on the right to find it.

Luminary #2
Location. Once you exit the tent, head down the wooden stairs, and turn left to get to the corner. There are three rock shadows and the luminary by a door in the distance.

Shift onto the rotating rock, and then jump to the other rotating rock, and then jump-dash to the stationary one. Jump to the luminary and acquire it.

Luminary #3
Location. Go down the next set of stairs till you encounter the strong man.

Get on the part that raises when he swings. When he swings for the 3rd time, the bell will ring, you need to make a jump to catapult yourself to the balcony with the luminary.

Luminary #4
Location. Head to the Pirate Ride, and interact with the box to move it over to the light source. This will create a kind of shadow ramp. Jump up and activate switch to lower the ramp.

Head to the next room, and interact with the box. Take it to the side where you can enter the helm, and shift with the box in your hand, and then shift to drop the box on the pressure plate.

Then, spin the helm till it won’t spin any more, and then head for the exit. Now, go onto the spinning helm’s shadow and shift ride the shadow up, and then positioning yourself to jump towards the catwalk behind you.

The luminary will be in the room above the helm.

Luminary #5
Location. After getting the fourth luminary, jump back to the catwalk and interact with the box. Shift with the box, and then jump down and ride the helm’s shadow over to the other pressure plate and shift.

Place the box, and re-enter the room where the first box was. Grab the box and put it on pressure plate in front of the room with the helm. Enter the room that just opened. To the right is the luminary.

Luminary #6
Location. Interact with the boat, and after the cut-scene, walk up the ramp to interact with the switch twice. Turn around and you should spot the luminary suspended near an elevated shack.

Use the shadow of the tentacle to get up to the upper deck, and then jump over to grab the luminary.

Luminary #7
Location. After getting the sixth luminary, drop down and climb up to the deck. Interact with the glass door. Pick up the cannonball and carry it to the interaction point and shift to carry ball over to the ramp.

Shift again, and place the ball’s shadow under the claw shadow. Interact with the switch again, and then interact with the boat. Jump down to find a cannonball, grab it and take it all the way past the catwalk.

Drop it and place it as close as possible to the cloud. Go back to the switch and use it again. Shift and grab the ball placing it in the cannon. After the cut-scene, get the luminary located next to the cannon.

Luminary #8
Location. After the 7th one, go back to the area where the ball was found, and use three luminaries to power the door. Go through the door.

When you get to the metal mesh ramp jump down, and go to the back of the ramp. There is an opening here; drop down and turn around to find the luminary.

Luminary #9
Location. After getting the 8th one, jump over the crates, and move left to go to the exit. While passing an elongated pallet on its side look right to see the luminary.

Luminary #10
Location. While near the entrance to the Shadow Theater, you need to find the illuminated film reel. Shift and jump on the bowler hat, and then on the back of the man who is leaning.

When he straightens up, climb on his head, and then jump to the luminary.

Luminary #11
Location. Go to the alley that leads to the Carousel Ride. You will need two luminaries two power the ride. There is a luminary just beyond the switch on the ground level.

Luminary #12
Location. After turning on the Carousel, shift and climb on the horses. There is a slanted roof, where the luminary is located.

Luminary #13
Location. Climb another set of Carousel horses, and reach the balcony. Didi will assist you by raising a shadow stick. Cross over to reach another roof top. The luminary can be found here.

Luminary #14
Location. After getting the 13th one, jump over to interact with the light over the Carousel. Jump back to the roof. Shift, and then dash to the next roof. You can climb up a ledge here where the luminary is located.

Luminary #15
Location. Keep shifting till you reach a roof top where you’re given the Untangle balloon task. Turn right, and then go around the patio. The luminary is located on the roof below a balloon.

Act 3

Luminary #1
Location. This luminary is located near the entrance of Vincenzo’s workshop. Look in the corner with the tables and umbrellas to find the luminary.

Luminary #2
Location. After getting the 1st luminary, go up the stairs to the left and follow the alley straight back. You can find the luminary in the open while you see the Cirque tent.

Luminary #3
Location. Go back to the work shop from the 2nd luminary, and turn left at the archway. Go down the steps, and to the left to find the luminary.

Luminary #4
Location. This optional luminary is not required for completion of the act. After getting the 3rd luminary, turn around and follow the alley to the street.

You should find the glowing gun rotating on the street. Jump onto the cart, then jump shift onto the silhouette of Vincenzo’s poster. Go on top of her head, and then double jump after a while with a dash to get over to the balcony. The luminary is located there.