Contrast – Trophy & Collectible Guide 


Contrast – Trophy & Collectible Guide 

Chapter Select

  1. Invisible Friend
  2. Of all the gin joints…
  3. The illusionists
  4. The usual suspects
  5. The problems of three little people (Part 1)
  6. The problems of three little people (Part 2)

There are 10 Luminaries

Luminaries are incredibly important items in Contrast since they will fuel numerous game aspects. Although a certain number of Luminaries are required to advance the level, there are plenty more strewn throughout the Acts for you to acquire.

There are 10 Trophies in act 1, 7 in act 2 and 4 in act 3

Contrast Collectibles

  1. Didi’s drawing of her family
  2. Kat Knight Premièring at the Ghost Note
  3. Newspaper Article: Carmine Bruni Aquitted of Murder for Second Time
  4. Department of Child Services Notice: Dereliction of parental duties, RE: Dorothy Malenkaya
  5. Check from Johny Fenris to Kat Knight: Insufficient Funds
  6. World’s Fair Poster: Featuring The Great Vincenzo
  7. Newspaper Article: The Amazing Vincenzo Hides His Secrets in Plain Sight
  8. Due to change in management we are currently closed for business
  9. Prison a Release: Johnny A. Fenris, Crime: Passing Bad Checks
  10. Carmine’s Debt Book: Johnny Fenris $20 Large

Act 1

Didi’s Drawing of Her Family
Location. You’ll find it in Didi’s room right as the game begins. In addition, this is where you’ll find your first Luminary.

Kat Knight Poster
Location. After you’ve collected your first Luminary, look for it on a street poster.

Newspaper Article
Location. After you’ve collected the previous collectible, continue down the street and you’ll find it on a table outside the Pompeii building.

Department of Child Services Notice
Location. Head to the Ghost Note’s second floor and into a small room with a few paintings.

Check from Johnny Fenris to Kat Knight
Location. After you’ve collected the previous collectible, descend the stairs to a big hall. You’ll notice a little room close to some boxes there. 

World’s Fair Poster
Location. Look for it on a table inside the bar once Johnny and Venchenzo’s conversation has ended.

Newspaper Article
Location. This one can be located in Venchenzo’s office on top of a coffee table.

Cinema Note
Location. This one may be discovered on the cinema’s ticket booth, which can be accessed by crossing billboard while Didi follows you with a spot light.

Prison Release
Location. Make your way to the second floor of the theatre after entering and collecting this item near the enormous doors.

Carmine’s Debt Book
Location. Turn around when the cutscene in the Excelsior Hotel ends and get it from a little table near a couch.

Chapter Select

  1. The Return of the Prodigal
  2. All the pretty horses
  3. Unstrung hero
  4. A spirit from the vasty deep

There are 15 Luminaries

Act II Collectibles|

  1. Picture of Johnny
  2. Eviction Notice: To Katherine Malenkaya from Law Offices of Dewey & Howe
  3. Letter from Kat to Child Services: Please don’t take my daughter away
  4. Picture of Johnny’s a Family: We are counting on you Johnny, Love Sal
  5. The Pirate Ship needs maintenance or else it will jam
  6. Pirate Ship Maintenance Book: Lubrication points for roller bearing assemblies

Contrast Full walkthrough for Act 2

Act 2

Picture of Johnny
Location. Soon after you start the chapter, turn around and you will get on a small desk in Didi’s room.

Eviction Notice
Location. After you get the previous collectible, head downstairs and interact with a table to trigger a cut-scene. After the cut-scene ends, you will be able to pick it up from a table.

Letter From Kat to Child Services
Location. Head opposite after getting the previous collectible to find it on a small coffee table.

Picture of Johnny’s Family
Location. Entering the circus for the first time will trigger a cut-scene. After the cut-scene ends, head towards the exit and you will find some crates nearby. You need to get behind these crates to collect the collectible along with a Luminary.

Pirate Ship Note
Location. After entering the Pirate Ship, you need to head to your left and collect it from a wall.

Pirate Ship Maintenance Book
Location. At the very end of the Pirate Ship section, you will be required to pull a switch with Didi. Just before you pull the switch, make sure to collect it lying nearby.

Act III Collectibles

  1. (-6) Newspaper Article: Missing Illusionist Sought In Affair of Missing Assistant
  2. (-10) Picture of Vincenzo & Dawn: Exposition Universelle 1900
  3. (-3) Newspaper Article: Illusionist Cancels Shows, No Reason Given
  4. (-5) Picture of a girl’s shadow beside a woman walking down the sidewalk.
  5. (-4) Lecture By Dr. William James: Investigations Into the Multiverse Via Mystical Experiences
  6. (-2) Science Pictures (optic diagram with skeleton on right)
  7. (-7) Picture depicting the shadow dimension’s effect on world
  8. (-8) Science Picture (light source with man and his shadow)
  9. (-9) Picture projecting skeleton to a shadow
  10. (-1) Science Picture (4 images: skull, head, bird, bird, a shadow)

Act 3

Science Picture
Location. After completing the Shadow Puzzles, you will enter the Workshop area with this collectible lying near the stairs situated to your left.

Science Picture
Location. Follow the janitor’s shadow and jump off the balcony using a broom. Once in the new area, head down to find the collectible in plain sight.

Newspaper Article
Location. To collect this one, you will have to enter a room with large moving gears. Get inside this room and collect it by heading to your left.

Picture’s of Girl’s Shadow
Location. While you are in the Light House, go up from the second set of stairs and head towards your left. The collectible will be on a poster right next to a switch.

Lecture by Dr. William James
Location. After lowering the third set of stairs, get inside the room with two collectibles and a switch. Head towards your left to collect the collectible.

Newspaper Article
Location. This is really near from the location of the previous collectible. Turn around from the bend and collect it!

Picture Depicting Shadow the Descriptions
Location. After you pull the switch, you will end up standing on a ledge with the next collectible right in front of you. Pretty hard to miss!

Science Picture
Location. Just as you collect the previous collectible, ascend the stairs and turn the bend to find it to your left.

Picture Depicting Skeleton
Location. Turn right after collecting the previous collectible to collect this one.

Picture of Vincenzo and Dawn
Location. Climb the shadow of some gears to land on a ledge, once you are standing on the ledge, follow the path to the bend and collect the final collectible of the game.

Contrast Achievements and Trophies

To The Heroes Among Us
For this one you need to get the hidden Extra Life 2012 Logo. Enter a side room above the Connoisseur Gentlemen’s Club.

To get there, you’ll need to activate the phonograph in the street. This will let you get to a Luminary where you can jump down behind an iron gate and up the stairs, through the door. There will be a mechanism on the wall you can interact with.

A Carousel of Broken Dreams
You’ll unlock this when you complete Act 1.

A New Dimension
You’ll get this easily, by simply shifting dimensions for the first time.

You’ll unlock this by completing the game.

For this one you need to grab all the collectibles in Act 2. For a detailed guide on their locations head here.

You’ll unlock this by obtaining your second Luminary. The first one is not miss-able.

Just Like Harry
To get this one you need to jump over the crocodiles on your first try in the shadow theater. You can only get this during repair attractions. It’s not difficult to obtain but if you fail you need to reload.

No Backpack Bird Needed
You’ll get this when you jump into the treasure chest in the pirate ride.

You can only unlock this during the repair attraction in Pirate ride. You’ll be required to fire the cannon after the boat stops. When you’re going up the ramp look around for a pirate chest nearby opening and closing repeatedly. Jump into get this.

Not That Type Of Game!
Look for the gate that Didi opens for you, located between the Connoisseur Gentleman’s club and Ghost Note café. Next to it is a dark door with a neon sign that reads ‘24n Dirty 24n’. Try to enter it to make the trophy pop.

Now That’s Thinking With Shadows
You can get this by making the Void Jump on the way to the Cinema on their first attempt. It’s between two billboards that require a shadow shift, jump and shift. However there is another achievement for with you need to fail this jump, after completing this one, reload a save file and do the next one.

My God, It’s Full Of Stars
You’ll get this one by failing the Void Jump outlined above.

Street Sweeper
For this trophy you need to obtain all the collectibles in Act 1. For a detailed list of the collectibles go here.

The Family Life
For this one you need to examine Didi’s family pictures. At the start of Act 2 interact with the table lamp and then with the picture on the wall outside Didi’s bedroom.

For this one you need to get all the collectibles in Act 3. For a detailed list of the collectibles go here.

The Cyclops’ Bottle
You get this one after finding the bottle of the Cyclops in the Carousel area. Easy to miss this one, make sure to get this before the untying of the balloon during repair attractions. Turn on the Carousel with 2 luminaries, then shadow shift your way up the horses to the top of the carousel.

Interact with the bulb and jump back to the platform. Head to the rooftops then. When you get the Untangle Balloon objective go right to the patio on the rooftop. You’ll find it there on a table.

Handy Person
For this one you need to repair the three attractions. Remember that if you leave the attractions without repairing you will not get the opportunity to do so again.

How’d You Get In
You’ll unlock this one when you complete the workshop. For that you’ll need to start Vincenzo’s Amazing Solar machine using 2 luminaries. Then shadow the cannonball up to the balcony, and place it at the place at the top of the broken stairs.

After the cutscene move the lit cart so that you can use the stairs to walk up and shadow shift. Use the gear tooth to shift to the other side of the rotating gears.

Interact with the Solar Machine reset button to get to the ground floor. Find the janitor and shadow onto his back to access the balcony. Next room, climb the stairs and proceed. Shadow shift left and proceed to the back for the cut scene.

Let There Be Light
For this one, as the name implies, you need to complete the lighthouse. You can enter the lighthouse by shifting through the glass next to the door.

After that you need to turn on the spotlight, then move it onto the box next to the wall. Jump to box, interact shadow shift, and then drop box in shadow mode. Then shift and jump back to the spotlight.

In this way keep maneuvering the box using the spotlight until the box is accessible. Place it on the pressure plate and climb the stairs that have lowered. You’ll need to position the spotlight so that shifts over near you and use it to get to the next platform.

Pick up the box here and proceed onwards. Drop the box on another pressure plate. Next go up some stairs to find a switch to interact with. This will lower another catwalk to another area.

Interact with another switch and quickly run up ramp and shift through four shadow areas to reach next level. Jump up on the boxes to get to the rotating gears and quickly shift and work your way to the right jumping to the next level.

Look for another interactive box and put it next to the wall you just jumped down from. Now go to the area where you turned on the light source, you can do so again with the other one. Use the spotlight to move the box up to your right using shadows.

Reposition the spotlight to the position where it will lock on tons guided point.

Now jump up and position the box as you did before to lift it up to the next level. This time you will not be able to lift it straight up but use the wall to the right of the box and lift it up then over.

Now place the box on the pressure plate. The spotlight should be in a position that casts a shadow on the top of some pipes and a rotating beam. Jump up on the pipes then across to the wall and shift. Now dash to the beam shadow and over to the ramp.

Room 529
Unlocked when you leave the Cabaret.

This Circus Is A Disaster!
You’ll unlock this one when you go through the circus tent towards the attractions.

You Broke My Finger!
Unlocked when you leave the Cinema.