Crime And Punishment Quest Walkthrough: Weird West

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Where to find the Oneirist in Weird West

Find The Oneirist in Weird West
Crime and Punishment quest.

A talking statuette, a bizarre ritual, and a difficult moral choice are all part of the Crime and Punishment quest.

During parts of the game’s side tasks, Weird West stands up to its name, as things get a touch strange. This is especially evident during the quest Crime And Punishment. You’ll find a talking figurine inside. Its ability to communicate stems from the fact that it contains a person’s soul. This was caused by a curse.

Naturally, the man seeks your assistance in breaking the curse and restoring his rightful shape. You can’t do anything on your own because you’re just a simple Bounty Hunter at this point in the game. Instead, you’ll need to seek assistance. This is how you do it while still completing the objective.

To begin this mission, you must first locate the statue. This can be found in a variety of locations due to its randomized nature.

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When you find the statue, talk to him to discover more about how he used to be a live being before being cursed. Naturally, he wishes to revert to his natural state, so agree to assist him.

Find The Oneirist in Weird West

The game no longer provides you with a marker to follow at this point. All you know is that you need to find an Oneirist. It just so happens that Somnolence, an Oneirist Temple, is located on the east side of the World Map.

Find The Oneirist in Weird West
Find The Oneirist in Weird West

Talk to the Oneirists if you go there. Initiates will be unable to assist you, but any Dreamspinner will be willing to assist you. They are scared to release the spirit because they believe he is a monster.

They even propose destroying the figurine rather than resurrecting the man. You can declare whether you prefer to release or kill the person, but you haven’t made your decision yet. You must first obtain seven pieces of Dreamer’s Vervain, regardless of your strategy.

Gather Dreamer’s Vervain

Dreamer’s Vervain does not have a definite location on the map. It can only be found in areas where Wraiths are present. So, if you have a map with a place where the ghosts are now residing, go there. They can also ambush you while you’re on the road.

Look for a dazzling blue flower on the ground while you’re near some wraiths; this is Dreamer’s Vervain. You can also locate them among the skeletal remnants of a Wraith.

Head to the Ritual Site

Once you’ve gathered enough Dreamer’s Vervains, proceed to the Oneirist’s new ritual site.
To begin the ceremony, speak with the Oneirist. You get to choose whether to free or destroy the spirit halfway through.

Freeing The Spirit – When you liberate the spirit, you’ll find out it’s a Wraith. However, it is grateful for your assistance and becomes a lifelong companion. You may come to regret your decision to let it go, the Oneirist warns.

Destroying The Spirit – There isn’t much that happens if you destroy it, except that you successfully kill the wraith, and the Oneirist is pleased

The journey will come to an end regardless of what you do.