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Available February 10, 2022

What Is The CrossfireX Xbox Release Date & Release Time?

CrossfireX’s release date is February 10th, 2022, on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

CrossfireX for Xbox: Release date, trailers, gameplay,

Who do you fight for?
A sprawling global conflict rages between the Global Risk and Black List mercenary factions in an immersive and cinematic single player experience that introduces players to the world of Crossfire through a series of action-packed stories told from both sides of the conflict.

How can I watch the trailers for CrossfireX?

CrossfireX reveal trailer

CrossfireX for Xbox: Release date, trailers, gameplay, and everything we know

CrossfireX is the long-awaited Xbox version of Crossfire, the popular free-to-play shooter in Asia. The current PC version of Crossfire is a multiplayer-only game that substantially pulls from Valve’s Counter-Strike series.

However, there are some distinctions. For starters, aim-down-sight is a thing, which should make things easier for console gamers familiar to games like Call of Duty. There are also more game modes here, such as shooter classics like Deathmatch, which allow for more casual play and respawning.

Smilegate, the creator of Crossfire, has enlisted the help of Remedy Entertainment, the studio behind Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Control. CrossfireX’s single-player section will be developed by Remedy.

Is CrossfireX available for free on Xbox?
On Xbox, the multiplayer element of CrossfireX will be available for free.

Is the CrossfireX campaign available for free on Xbox Game Pass?
Yes, in a way. As previously stated, the multiplayer section of the game, like the original Crossfire, is free to play on Xbox. However, only one of the two single-player campaign ‘operations’ is available with Game Pass at launch.

We’re not sure if a Game Pass upgrade is on the table right now (although we’re guessing it is). The whole game costs $30 (or $25 with a launch discount) and includes both campaigns.

The single-player section of CrossfireX was created by Remedy Entertainment and is divided into two campaigns. Operation Catalyst is the first, and it’s featured with Xbox Game Pass:

Experience the first part of the CrossfireX single player campaign, developed in partnership with Remedy Entertainment. In Operation Catalyst, take control of a Global Risk Unit as they traverse through enemy territory in order to save their captured squad mate and uncover the dark secrets of the Black List Mercenary Group.

Operation Spectre is the second campaign, and it isn’t included with Game Pass:

Witness the aftermath of Operation Catalyst firsthand in the second part of the CrossfireX single player campaign, developed in partnership with Remedy Entertainment. In Operation Spectre, join the Black List Mercenaries on a mission to infiltrate a moving cargo train and extract dangerous intel before it reaches the Global Risk base. New tools are now at your disposal including the legendary Spectre Suit, a tactical game-changer.

What is the online multiplayer in CrossfireX?

Players can join one of the world’s two most dangerous private military factions, Global Risk or Black List, and fight in a number of fast-paced game scenarios in Crossfire. In terms of gameplay, Crossfire is akin to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a tactical shooter that is more popular in Western countries. Crossfire has its own unique twists and dynamics, as well as a large variety of weapons and armor to pick from, and CrossfireX will build on that with a slew of new features.

Finally, we know that the CrossfireX we’re getting isn’t the same CrossfireX that was available before to the game’s delay. Smilegate unveiled the enhancements it made to CrossfireX’s graphics and maps in a series of comparison shots and films following the extended gap between the game’s reveal and beta (that you can see above). It’s apparent that the studio made significant progress, and it’s likely that it’s continued to do so since then.

What Are The CrossfireX Reviews Saying?

“CrossfireX is a decent attempt to bring a story into the series, and while it’s got an intriguing tale, I’m not sure if Remedy’s gameplay is good enough to make me want to engage with it. It’s the game equivalent of comfort food – nothing special, but you know what you’re getting, and when you crave it, it hits the spot, even if you do feel a little guilty afterwards.”

COG Connected

“CrossfireX’s single player campaign promises to be special. It isn’t revolutionary, but there are enough original ideas to keep it interesting. The action is plain fun. Swapping between characters keeps the story moving, and it’s perfected-paced. Some players might look at the single-player aspect as superfluous, but Remedy has obviously put a lot of effort into making it worth your time.”


“I’ve been tremendously excited for CrossfireX as the trailers we’ve seen have been flashy, bombastic, and visually impressive. Sadly, none of that was present during the few chapters we had the opportunity to experience early as part of this preview.”

Digital Trends

“For those who miss the days where shooters had lots of firefights and little to say, CrossfireX should satiate that hunger, even if it lacks some personality thus far. It’s a fast-paced game with snappy gunplay, promising action sequences, and an intriguing, intersecting story.”