Dreamscaper the Video Game

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Coming to Xbox Game Pass in February

Dreamscaper is a strategic, fluid, and dynamic ARPG Roguelite blending elements from brawlers, top-down shooters, and dungeon crawlers.

Every slumber is a different dungeon and you must unlock the power of your dreams to see a new day.

Play as Cassidy and dive into her subconscious, taking on the surreal nightmares she wrestles with in order to save her from a dark fate.


Dreamscaper is a surreal, action RPG roguelite – players battle the nightmares that live in a young woman’s subconscious. Tackle the permadeath of the dreamscapes by night, but keep the friendships you make by day in order to face the next dream stronger than before.

Cassidy can visit several areas in Redhaven in between dreams, where she can do activities that will help her in future runs, such as drawing ideas or meditating. She can also make gifts for her friends, which opens up new event scenes that reveal more about the characters and their backstories, as well as Cassidy’s interactions with them. The game’s narration is built on emotions rather than a continuous plot; the events that lead to Cassidy’s trauma are gradually revealed, while current events in her life are simply discussed after the fact.


Feeling burned out in traditional game development, Rob, Ian, and Paul left it behind in the summer of 2018 to follow their dreams and build an indie title they could call their own. Dreamscaper is a very personal project, drawing inspiration from childhood favorites and focusing on an emotional through line confronting depression and mental health. Since the Early Access launch on August 14th, 2020, Dreamscaper has a 92% postive rating on Steam with almost 1,000 reviews and a growing community. Afterburner Studios announced Dreamscaper 1.0’s August 5th release date during the Freedom Games presentation at E3 2021.


  • An expansive combat system that rewards skilled play – shoot off finger guns, rend the earth below you or whip a yo-yo into enemies with a slew of dream inspired weaponry
  • Adventure through six beautiful, haunting dreamscapes to discover powerful artifacts, surreal scenery and a multitude of unique events, challenges and puzzles
  • Day / night gameplay – explore the waking and dreaming world to learn Cassidy’s story, your actions in one affect the other
  • Deep item progression that creates synergies and new possibilities every run, encouraging experimentation and high replay-ability
  • Warp the Dreamscape around you with “Lucid Powers” – surreal dream attacks and abilities that manipulate the elements, warp space, and even control time itself
  • Live Cassidy’s waking life and forge friendships with the people around her. Empower Cassidy with their hopes and memories to dispel the darkness of her nightmares
  • A beautiful, dynamic soundtrack composed by Dale North that adapts to player experience

Adventure through beautiful, haunting dreams to discover untold secrets, vanquish nightmares, and upgrade your gear all while uncovering Cassidy’s story.

Lean into the nightmares and make the rush of permadeath your ally as progressive exploration, a multitude of surreal items, and an ever-changing world create deep replay-ability.

Live Cassidy’s waking life and forge friendships with the people around her. Empower Cassidy with their hopes and memories to dispel the darkness of her nightmares.

Players can choose their initial loadout or keep it random when they enter runs, which begin when Cassidy falls asleep. Players will want to shift out to the significantly more powerful weapons that they pick up during each run, thus focusing on a single weapon is a bad idea. Focusing, on the other hand, allows players to gain mastery of that equipment more quickly, granting an additional modifier on top of that. Players can also choose a passive boost provided by one of her friends, which grows in power as their friendship improves.

A rich, expansive combat system rewards skilled play. Use careful positioning, exact timing and quick reflexes to defeat foes with an abundance of combat options.

Each weapon class in Dreamscaper is unique, from rending the earth below your nightmares to whipping a yo-yo into their faces. You’ll have a myriad of ways to approach combat.

Vanquish the deadly enemies and bosses that invade Cassidy’s dreams, clearing the dark miasma that surrounds her.

Each enemy and boss in Dreamscaper is a representation of one of Cassidy’s most negative emotions that she struggles with throughout the game.

Battle bosses with styles and attack patterns that embody Isolation, Fear, Negativity, Loss and more.

Warp the Dreamscape around you with “Lucid Powers” – surreal attacks and abilities that manipulate the elements, warp space, and even control time itself.