How to Drift your Car in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels Unleashed

A guide on Mastering the drift system in Hot Wheels Unleashed.

How to drift in Hot Wheels Unleashed

To compete with the best in Hot Wheels Unleashed, you must master the fundamentals. With Milestone’s track record in the racing genre, including NASCAR titles, it’s no surprise that drifting is more realistic in Hot Wheels Unleashed than in other casual racing games. As you accelerate around a turn, push the braking button to start the procedure.

Boost is replenished mostly through drifting throughout the race.

A guide on Mastering the drift system in Hot Wheels Unleashed.

Drifting has an elegant, rather simplistic style.

The physics in Hot Wheels Unleashed are a little out of the ordinary. It isn’t as simplistic as some other arcade racing, but it isn’t as realistic as other sim-oriented games either. Rather, it’s a strange blend of the two. When the drift starts, the vehicles keep a lot of their momentum, which is great for speed, but it makes correct drift management and exit a little more difficult. In Hot Wheels Unleashed, a technique known as drift tapping appears to be the key to overcoming this.

Time your drifts

The initial step in the drift is to tap the brake pedal. This will start it, and you’ll be sliding towards the (hopefully) approaching corner in no time. In Hot Wheels Unleashed, this is the quickest method to lose speed. The essential goal is to maintain that momentum from corner to corner.

To achieve the best drift around the course, you must first control your acceleration. You must account for the weight of each vehicle. With more driving experience, you’ll get a better sense of how it feels.

You should consider the Handling rating of a car with the finest drifting capabilities. The lower the rating, the more difficult steering around the course will be. The braking power is also significant because it determines the drift’s reaction time.


Drifting successfully is not only entertaining, but it is also the most efficient way of recharging your vehicle’s boost. The essential method, though, is to exit the drift quickly with a burst of boost. If a car is ahead of you, you’ll most likely pass them or get very close to them. You should not boost at the start or during a drift since you will lose control.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Drift tapping

Drift start: Start the drift by softly touching the brake button (left trigger) and then pressing the control stick in the turn’s direction. The vehicle’s rear wheels will swing in the opposite direction of the turn as a result. Nudge the front wheels along the curve using the control stick; attempt to keep your turn shallow but not too shallow.

As you get familiar with the tracks you can do quick races a great way to earn Hot Wheels coins and at the same time master a track. You will have a better understanding of each twist and turn of that track. Some turns may only require one quick tap of the brake and you can flow with the curve, others may require 2-3 taps of the brake.

How to Drift your Car in Hot Wheels Unleashed
How to drift in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Just Flow with the drift

The car will gently glide around the bend, even if it is quite tight, if it closely follows the line. You will lose speed if you turn too abruptly into it. Turning too wide will force the car to collide into the opposing wall, causing even more speed loss. Adjusting your car by pressing the control stick and tapping the brakes quickly will all assist you regulate the drift’s flow.

Boost to Exit The Drift

After you have drifted your Hot Wheels car around the corner hit the boost!!! You will get a feel for the proper timing of the boost (just coming out the last bit of the turn).

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