Elden Ring Divine Tower of West Altus How to Open the Locked Door

Elden Ring

The Divine Tower of West Altus may be discovered by players exploring the capital region of Elden Ring. However, if a criterion is not met, the door to the tower will be locked, preventing access. Many gamers will be perplexed on how to unlock the door because there is no information on what they must do to enter it.

How to get to the Divine Tower of West Altus

Players must travel to the west side of the capital’s outskirts and descend into the moat to reach the tower. The Sealed Tunnel can be found in the southwest corner of the moat. It’s not a particularly difficult location to navigate. Players must get through a succession of artificial walls, but the journey is rather brief. The boss is an Onyx Lord, which is essentially a more powerful version of the opponent that many players will have encountered in Raya Lucaria Academy. It’s not too difficult as long as players stay healthy.


Found in a chest in the Sealed Tunnel’s first secret region.

Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing [2]

The bell bearing of a miner who once dug for smithing stone. 

Offer to the Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold to gain access to the following items: 

  • Smithing Stone [3]
  • Smithing Stone[4]
  • Explosive Stone


Drops 16000 Runes and the Onyx Lords Greatsword

Elden Ring’s Onyx Lord’s Greatsword is a Curved Greatsword. The Onyx Lord’s Greatsword scales primarily with Intelligence, Strength, and Dexterity, and is a good Weapon for its Unique Magic Skills, which allow the user to manipulate gravity while delivering damage and creating space from close adversaries.

After defeating the boss in the Sealed Tunnel, players can proceed to the Divine Tower of West Altus via the south tunnel. Players can use a nearby Site of Grace to speed up their return.

In Elden Ring, players must battle Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, and obtain his great rune in order to unlock the door to the Divine Tower of West Altus. Players can unlock the door to the tower and proceed to the top to power it up once they have Rykard’s Great Rune.