Elden Ring How to Activate the Grand Lift of Dectus

Elden Ring

Grand Lift of Dectus is a Location in Elden Ring. The Grand Lift of Dectus is found between Liurnia of the Lakes and the Altus Plateau. This location can be reached by following the eastern landmass in Liurnia, heading north through the Bellum Highway.


The Grand Lift of Dectus is a massive platform with its entrance found at the end of the Bellum Highway in northern Liurnia, along the eastern landmass. This colossal structure joins the regions of Liurnia and the Altus Plateau. However, on your first visit, the lift is sealed by four Guardian Statues. It requires a special artifact in order to activate. This artifact is the Dectus Medallion which is made up of two halves found in separate locations:

The Dectus Medallion (Left) can be found in Mistwood, inside a chest atop the tallest tower in Fort Haight to the east.

How to start the Grand Life of Dectus in Elden RIng

The Dectus Medallion (Right) can be found in Dragonbarrow, inside a chest atop the eastern tower in Fort Faroth to the east.
Once both halves are obtained, approach the platform once more to hoist the whole medallion and raise the lift, taking you to the Altus Plateau.

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