Elden Ring: How to Complete the Volcano Manor Quest

Elden Ring


There are two alternative ways to get to Volcano Manor. Completing the initial portion of Rya’s questline is one way to go to this destination. She’ll urge you to recover a valuable jewelry from Liurnia of the Lakes, which is east of the Scenic Isle Site of Grace . If you fulfill her request, you’ll find her at the top of Dectus’ Grand Lift. If you chat with her, she’ll give you an invitation to the Volcano Manor and teleport you into the lobby, right next to Tanith.

Another way to reach this area is by getting teleported by an enemy. Do note that if you decide to take this route, you will have to fight a difficult boss, the Abductor Virgins, to move forward. If you spare Patches and talk to him at the Scenic Isle, he may mention an Abductor Virgin at Raya Lucaria Academy with teleporting abilities. Make your way over there and find the water wheel elevator. Take it to the bottom and get killed by the Abductor Virgin in this area. You may have to be killed by a specific attack where it traps you in it’s iron maiden-like body. Doing this successfully takes you to the Subterranean Inquisition Chamber Site of Grace located in the underground caverns of Volcano Manor.

Explore Volcano Manor

As you make your way through Volcano Manor’s corridors, you’ll ultimately come to a huge room with a table in the center and a Site of Grace behind it. Interact with it before speaking with the masked NPC Tanith  to your right. You must agree to enter the Volcano Manor when she asks you to. She’ll offer you the Drawing-Room Key in exchange. This is used to unlock the doors on your right side of the hallway. Two more NPCs can be found at the second door on the left. Interact with them both by clicking on all of their dialogue options. The Letter from Volcano Manor will be given to you.

Tanith is an NPC in Elden Ring. Tanith is the head of the Volcano Manor, and asks the players about joining forces against the Fingers. If you decide to join her quest, you will receive particular missions as well as access to some new Npcs.

Return to Tanith next to the Site of Grace with this in hand and speak with her once more. She gives you a contract to fulfill in Limgrave and promises you money if you finish it.


Kill Old Knight Istvan

The deal must now be completed. Old Knight Istvan, the target, is located immediately east of Stormveil Castle, beneath the outer wall that leads to the Limgrave Divine Tower. To get the nearest, quickly proceed to the Warmaster’s Shack. You’ll see a red summon sign as you arrive. Interact with it to enter and kill Old Knight Istvan’s realm.

This is a challenging battle that will take some time to complete. Istvan, the Old Knight, has very powerful attacks that can kill you in a single move. You should play it extremely safe, assaulting only when you’re confident you’ll be able to deliver damage and retreat in time. It’s best to just land one blow and then roll back. It’ll take some time, but this is the safest method to handle the situation. Istvan, the Old Knight, will also heal himself once.

Return to Volcano Manor and speak with the NPC close to the Site of Grace once you’ve killed him. They give you the Magma Shot spell as a reward. Then proceed down the right-hand corridor to find another Volcano Manor Letter.

Magma Shot is a Sorcery in Elden Ring. Magma Shot spell a chargeable magma spell from that fires a lump of explosive magma.



Rewarded by Tanith for completing Volcano Manor’s first assassination quest

Kill Rileigh the Idle

Rileigh the Idle is the next objective set by Volcano Manor. They may be found immediately south of the Site of Grace, dubbed Bridge of Iniquity, on the Atlus Plateau. To find the red summoning sign, you’ll need to cautiously descend into the cliff canyon below. This fight is much easy than the last, but keep an eye out for the Scarlet Rot to build up. If the meter reaches zero, you will begin to experience damage.


After defeating Rileigh the Idle, Crepus’s Vial eliminates all sound made by the wearer during movement.

Return to Volcano Manor now that Rileigh the Idle has been defeated. You’ll be rewarded as well as informed about Lord Rykard if you speak to the same NPC again. Return to the room where the other two NPCs are and take the Red Letter off the table.


As a reward for completing Tanith’s second letter mission in Volcano Manor, this item is given.

Kill Juno Hoslow

Volcano Manor’s final aim isn’t one you’ll be able to reach until much later in the game. Juno Hoslow is found in the Giant Mountaintops, which can only be reached after traveling through Leyndell, the Royal Capital. Godrick the Grafted, Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon, Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, Starscourge Radahn, and Morgott, the Omen King are among those who must be defeated. Return to this guide once you’ve defeated these bosses and reached the Mountaintops of the Giants.

Ancient Snow Valley Ruins, which is just around the bend south of the target marker, is the closest Site of Grace to Juno Hoslow. Head up and down the icy river, turning left, with a nearby checkpoint in your pocket. You’re on the lookout for the traditional red summoning symbol. It’s right in front of the Lofty’s Shack.

Juno Hoslow is a fairly straightforward foe this late in the game, with their main distinguishing feature being the ability to turn invisible for a brief period of time. They have a whip in each hand and, like the previous targets, have the ability to heal themselves once. This battle, on the other hand, should be a breeze for you. For defeating them, you’ll obtain the Hoslow’s Armor set.

Where to find Taker’s Cameo:

Tanith at Volcano Manor gave it to you after you finished the third letter quest. You must travel to the Giant Mountaintops, invade, and fight Juno Hoslow, Knight of Blood.

Taker’s Cameo restores HP upon defeating enemies.