Elden Ring how to get to Road’s End Catacombs Walkthrough

Elden Ring

Road’s End Catacombs is a Location in Elden Ring. The Road’s End Catacombs is found in Liurnia of the Lakes. West of the minor Erdtree, take a pathway past the Ghost Jellyfishes, keep going until the end and you will reach a door that leads to the Road’s End Catacombs.

How to Get to Road’s End Catacombs

A route winds down the western side of the cliff face in western Liurnia, just to the south of the Minor Erdtree. You’ll need to circle around from the Erdtree cliff’s eastern side, curve around at the north end (just above the Erdtree on your map), and then follow the way back down south.

On the way in, you’ll come up against a jellyfish and some bats hanging from the rocky overhangs. You’ll come to a dead-end with the double doors to the Catacombs concealed in the rock face on the left-hand side.

Elden Ring Road’s End Catacombs Walkthrough

Turn the corner after passing the Site of Grace, and an ambush Fanged Imp with a two-handed blade will try to catch you off guard. Before continuing, grab the Grave Violet plant in the corner. Deal with it, and you’ll see a lever in the distance if you turn left. Be careful, for another Fanged Imp will attack you from the right as you approach this first area.

Grab the three Grave Glovewort plants among the greenery as you descend the stairs in this room, two of which are (2) and one which is (1). (3). Turn back to face the walls on the right of the stairs you’ve just descended, where there are two different false walls, before continuing down the next set of stairs. Strike them to disclose a hidden room guarded by a Fanged Imp. A Ghost Glovewort (2) can be found in the room’s western corner, and a corpse with a Rune Arc can be found in the room’s eastern corner.

You’ll find a body in a small room with Root Resin if you go down this hidden portion to the tunnel continuing down. Another illusory wall can be found in this chamber, so strike the back wall (to the east) to disclose a lower level. Grave Glovewort (2) and another illusory wall can be found by descending the steps. Strike the back wall (to the north) to uncover a coffin-filled room with an unlocked pair of double doors behind it. This area contains Root Resin, and the mist wall may be found beyond the doors, down the steps.

For the time being, return to the first major room and defeat the Fanged Imp lurking down the next flight of stairs. Then repeat the process, turning to face the right-hand walls of this flight of steps (the ones with the ivy hanging from them) and striking it to expose another secret part. There are two Fanged Imps in this sector, so be ready to parry/dodge as soon as the compartment is revealed. Once defeated, the two corpses in the back left corner contain a Grave Glovewort (3), a Human Bone Shard x5, and the Watchdog’s Staff weapon.

Return to the surface and proceed along the tunnel in front of you, keeping an eye out for the Fanged Imp that will descend from the ceiling in the alcove to your left, and making sure you don’t accidentally activate the pressure plate in the center of the corridor. Grave Glovewort can be found in the alcove (2).

Continuing on, you’ll enter a rectangular room with a Grave Glovewort (2) and a Grave Glovewort (3) plant in it, as well as an alcove on the opposite side of the room when you can strike the back wall (to the east) to reveal another hidden room. There you’ll find a Grave Violet and 3 Fanged Imps, one guarding the chest at the end of the room, and two flanking either side of the entrance.

As a result, it’s a good idea to bait the one across the room and draw them back out into the corridor, deal with them, then carefully move around the corner and attack the other, repeating the process and making it unlikely that the other will aggro. The Raya Lucaria Soldier Ashes can be found in the room’s chest once it has been dealt with.

Spirit-Caller Snail

The Snail itself is harmless, but the warrior it summons can be quite dangerous. The warrior will use a three-move combo consisting of a jab, sweep, and slam with its staff, all of which can be dodged. Be wary of the warrior’s proclivity for a long-distance stab with the tip of his staff, which can easily catch you off guard if you try to heal or cast a spell/summon spirits while trying to acquire a few seconds of breathing room. This stab can be done twice in a succession, then followed by an overhead slam that, mercifully, does not create a shockwave.

Once defeated, the Snail will drop the Glintstone Sorcerer Ashes.

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