Elden Ring Impaler’s Catacombs Walkthrough

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Impaler’s Catacombs is a Minor Dungeon in Elden Ring that can be found in the Limgrave Region. It’s an optional dungeon with a few treasures and a miniboss.

How to Get to Impaler’s Catacombs

A tiny slope leads down the eastern side of the cliff face at the northeastern point of South Limgrave, approximately southeast of the Bridge of Sacrifice. Jellyfish defend the region at the bottom, which is dotted with tombstones. The double doors going down the steps to the Site of Grace are buried in the cliff face to the left.

Impaler’s Catacombs Walkthrough

You’ll see a set of stairs with a chasm to the left as you descend the stairs past the Site of Grace. A Fanged Imp will crawl up from the chasm as you enter the area, so be cautious if you rush in because you may be attacked from behind. Alternatively, if you enter slowly, you will be able to assault it and presumably push it back into the chasm, where it will die. A Grave Violet plant can be found halfway down the stairs, and a second Fanged Imp may be found at the bottom of the stairs, most likely hurling daggers from this range.

The closed doors and a Summoning Pool may be found in the room ahead. Turn left and follow the corridor along the corridor to find three Fanged Imps. A Grave Glovewort (1) can be found on top of a coffin to your left. If you go on, you’ll come to a fork in the road. Continue straight until you reach a room with one Fanged Imp and a Grave Glovewort (1) plant on the left.

Floor Trap

Return to your original location and proceed down the left-hand route to a vast open room. Be very careful here, as the floor functions as a pressure plate, causing the entire ground to rise and pull you into the ceiling spikes. It will ascend slowly, pause for a second, and then slam into the spikes the rest of the way.

You can get a Grave Violet by sprinting and rolling over into the nook on the left after triggering the trap. Then rush back to the room’s door, set the trap, and draw back into the corridor. Drop down and take the Grave Violet in the corner on your left, as well as the Ghost Glovewort (2) in the passageway, while the floor is still rising.

You’ll come across some shambling zombie-like humanoids as you make your way through the tunnel. If you kill them, they will respawn, so keep moving (or use them as a rune farm if you aren’t in a hurry). Grab the many Grave Glovewort plants strewn about the pillars, and loot the Prattling Pate: “Please Help” from the corpse. Turn right and you’ll see an alcove on the left with a corpse holding some Root Resin; however, four zombies will emerge from the earth near this alcove.

You’ll see a ladder across the room to your right, which you should dash to as approximately a dozen zombies spawn, making it very easy to become surrounded and overwhelmed. You’ll emerge at the top of the ladder adjacent to the lever that opened the locked doors earlier. As you continue further, a Fanged Imp will appear around the bend near the Grave Glovewort plant. A window opens at the end of the corridor, and jumping through it returns you to the locked doors, which are now open and go down to the mist wall.

Erdtree Burial Watchdog Boss

Elden Ring Impaler's Catacombs Walkthrough

The Erdtree Burial Watchdog, another stone cat-like statue, has a big blade and its several heads are eager to spit fire all over you. With a few minor differences, this combat is nearly identical to the Burial Tree Watchdog fight in Stormfoot Catacombs.

Upon defeating the Watchdog, it will drop the Demi-Human Ashes.

The Erdtreee Burial Watchdog is a boss that can be found at the Stormfoot Catacomb, Impaler’s Catacombs, Wyndham Catacombs, Cliffbottom Catacombs and the Minor Erdtree Catacombs.