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Fishing Adventure is a peculiar creature. It’s one of those games that is extremely simple, rudimentary, and fails to maintain my attention for long periods of time, but I can’t seem to stop playing it.

The great thing about Fishing Adventure is that you don’t need any prior fishing experience to know what to do. You submerge a bait under water, wait for the icon to pass beneath the water line, and then click a button. Simple. Fortunately, most casts will deliver a fish of some kind, and there are plenty to keep you busy.

Fishing Adventure, from the same studio that brought us Ultimate Fishing Simulator  promises to take us to exciting and exotic locations like Canada and Poland, all in the name of dangling a line in the water to our hearts’ content. So get your waders and a tight hold on your pole, because Fishing Adventure for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S is about to get serious.

Fishing Adventure is precisely what it sounds like, despite its unassuming name. There isn’t much hoopla in this game. You get on board, find a fishing spot, and get to work. Poland, Norway, Haiti, Canada, and America are among the eight countries available. You’ll begin in Poland and progress through the game to unlock the other locations.

Fishing Adventure is a typical fishing game, where the player can (drums) catch different fish species! Fish in USA, Hawaii and other unique fisheries.

Game is quite simple, designed to run even at older computers!

Main Features:

Over 30 species of fish,

7 large locations inspired by real places in the world,

Interesting quests,


Daily records and rewards,

Real fishing equipment,

The realistic and relaxing sound,

Advanced graphics settings for older computers.

So, what’s on the menu? What isn’t on offer is any kind of tutorial in any way, shape, or form. You see, in Fishing Adventure, you walk to the edge of the water, hold X to cast, and that’s it. You choose the place you want to visit (to start, it’s Poland or nothing), you walk to the edge of the water, and that’s it. You’re completely on your own. Do you require additional bait or different equipment? You can have it. And only if you’ve made enough money to begin with.

Yes, the fantastic mechanic that made its way in from Ultimate Fishing Simulator is still alive and well here, with every fish you capture presenting you with the option of selling it for additional money or releasing it for an XP increase. You will have to grind your way through small fish in order to earn coins and XP.

There is only one game mode available. You have the option of selling or releasing the fish you catch. You can use the money to buy better equipment or acquire a boat license if you sell them; if you release them, you gain XP, which you can use to unlock new countries and gear.

Fishing Adventure falls into the same trap as its predecessor in this regard. The amount of money obtained for each fish capture, as well as the amount of XP received for each release, quickly induces a sense of “why bother?” As a result, it’s difficult to find the motivation to keep going with what Fishing Adventure has to offer for hours on end. This is a pity, because the fishing action this time is considerably more leisurely, making it a fairly enjoyable way to pass the time.

To cast, point your pole toward the water and power up by pressing X. Right Trigger should be pressed to reel in, and your bobber should occasionally be left alone. When you get a bite notification, simply press X to hook the fish and then RT to reel it in. Rinse and repeat if you want to sell or release something. Over and over again.

Finally, Fishing Adventure is a fishing game that leans heavily toward the arcade end of the spectrum. It appears to be in good condition, the fish appear to be in good shape, and the gaming is soothing. However, the grind is far too real, and while the quests are a lovely addition, they never have the sense of danger that you’d like them to have.

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