Forza Horizon 5 All Barn Finds Location Guide

Forza Horizon

There are fourteen incredible abandoned vehicles located in Mexico. This is how we go about finding those barn finds.

Forza Horizon 5 All Barn Finds Location Guide
Forza Horizon 5 barn finds

As is customary, there are a slew of barn treasures to locate and restore. Here’s where to look for each one.

Please be advised that this post may include spoilers for Forza Horizon 5’s barn findings. It’s best not to read this one just yet if you prefer to play at your own pace!

You’ll have to wait a long time for some of these barn find automobiles to be restored and added to your garage, so be patient after you’ve found them. You can pay a fee to have them ready sooner, but this isn’t the ideal early-game investment. Good luck with your search!

Barn discoveries in Forza Horizon 5

The majority of the barn find rumours appear as you progress through the game’s early stages, but a few are triggered by certain acts. Make certain you complete these tasks!

On the Tulum Expedition, climb to the top of the Central Ruin. It is possible to accomplish this voyage without completing all of the tasks, but you must check off this achievement.

Purchase the player house in La Cabaa. This will immediately provide you with a barn find rumor. It may be one of the more affordable homes, but it’s good to have a car!

Completing the Jungle Expedition is a must. Ramiro is on the lookout for a large cat that he last saw near the abandoned airfield. You will be rewarded if you assist him in his search!

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The barn locations

Each barn’s location is listed below. This should help you find these fourteen free automobiles faster!

To go to Drone Mode, go to the Creative Hub tab in the menu. This is useful while looking for barns.

Look for a track running east from this corner on the dirt route on the west side of the volcano. The Ford Racing Car may be found here! This barn can be found on the slopes leading up to the summit of the Volcano, in the La Gran Caldera area. It’s located on a slope just off the main road that leads up the volcano.

Ford Racing Escort Barn Find

This barn find is conveniently located near the highway. Follow the path to the marked point. BMW 2022 TURBO BARN FIND

This Barn Find may be discovered in northern Mexico, north-west of Guanajuato, along a country road.


1953 Corvette

This Barn Find may be discovered north of Cascadas De Pantano and south-east of Tierra Prospera on Mexico’s east coast. The best way to find this barn is to start due south of it and follow the field edge.

This Barn Find can be found along the east coast of Mexico, north of Cascadas De Pantano and south-east of Tierra Prospera.


Start southwest of this indicated location and follow the dirt route to the barn as it curves left. This is a Dodge Dart with a Hemi engine.

 Dodge Viper GTS ACR!

It’s a bit of a maze of dirt tracks at this site. It might be a good idea to utilize your drone to check sure you’re on the right track here. The Dodge Viper Barn Find is located in Mexico’s southern outskirts, in the heart of the Gran Pantano region.

Ferrari 250 GTO

To get to this location, cut through the trees after crossing the field alongside the road. This Barn Find can be discovered near the Los Jardines site on the eastern coast.


This Barn Find can be discovered north of Pantano De La Selva in the region’s south-east corner. When seeking for a barn among the trees, drone mode comes in handy. It’s a Ferrari F40 here!

Toyota Baja Truck

This Barn Find can be discovered near the crop circles on Mexico’s western coast. If you use that enormous circular farm as a reference, you’ll have no trouble seeing this one.


The track travels straight to this barn, as you can see in this screenshot. This Barn Find may be discovered between the Dunas Blancas and the Volcano Caldera in Mexico’s northwestern region. You’ve come across a Renault 4L.


For this barn, you might want to bring out your drone once more. This Barn Find may be discovered on La Gran Caldera’s eastern side, right above Colinas Aridas.

Jaguar Sport XJR-15

In this location, keep an eye out for the huge cat. The Aerodromo En La Selva location, in the south-east area of the map, is where you’ll find the next Barn Find.


This barn may be located in the south of the map, in the rainforest. It’s near south of the ruins of the Atlantes De Tula. Just east of this is a caution sign. If you jump over that ledge, you will almost certainly land on this barn. There’s a GMC Jimmy in there.

Ford Mustang GT!

If you cut the corner on the way to Guanajuato, you’ll discover this one quickly. This Barn Find may be found in the north of the region, just west of Hotel Mirador Balderama, along the main road

FORD F-100

This Barn Find can be discovered in central Mexico, just south of Tierra Próspera, near the Drift Zone. To go to this spot, use the fields’ edges.