How to Beat Back 4 Blood Grave Danger Walkthrough

Back 4 Blood Walkthroughs

Grave Danger Act 3: Job 10:22

Grave Danger Walkthrough

How to Beat Back 4 Blood Grave Danger Walkthrough
Grave Danger Back 4 Blood

Stock up on medications, throwables, and a tool kit before leaving the saferoom. When you’re ready, open the door and kill the Ridden who has been waiting outside.

Continue ascending up the trail until you reach the upper level, where you will see a church. Go to the church before dealing with the Snitches. You’ll find all sorts of guns and ammo to choose from. There’s also a tool kit door. To unlock the door, simply use the tool set you purchased. If you ever run out of health, there’s a healing station nearby.

Locate the snitches in the area now. They’ll appear at random places, but if you get close enough to one, you’ll see that it’s marked in red. Always return to the chapel to fight after you’ve taken out the first four Snitches. In the place where the Snitch was killed, the Horde will spawn. Take use of the high ground and kill any Ridden that come your way, since the church also provides a good line of sight.

If you’re running low on health, visit the healing station before moving on to the final snitch. The final Snitch will not only spawn a Horde, but also two Breakers at the same time.

Defeat the Breakers

How to kill the Breaker Back 4 Blood
How to kill the Breaker

Breakers are a powerful Ridden in Back 4 Blood, and they look to work similarly to Tanks in Left 4 Dead, charging towards players and pummeling them to death if they aren’t dead.

They are proven to be extremely agile, leaping after foes despite being among the largest Ridden so far.

Concentrate on the Breaker’s weak points, which are around its shoulders and down by its legs. Shooting these glowing red pustules will improve your damage and lower the amount of ammo you spend during the fight. Consider switching positions or having a teammate entice the beast into a better area if you don’t have a clear shot at them.

While dealing with a Breaker is difficult, you must also keep an eye out for other zombies in the area. You’ll frequently be fighting a Breaker with dozens of other Ridden, and you’ll need to keep your head on a swivel to survive. You’ll be in the next safe room before you know it if you communicate with your team, keep an eye on your ammo, and utilize bandages properly.

Back 4 Blood Grave Danger

Once you’ve located the final Snitch, kill it and return to the Church right away. Breakers have a hard time going up stairs for whatever reason, and they occasionally become caught in a walking motion and are unable to move ahead. This is an excellent opportunity to do some damage before they leap into the air. Continue circling the church and using the same procedure on the stairwell.

After you’ve killed the last Breaker, the quest will end with a cutscene.

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