Hello Neighbor 2 Beta Complete Walkthrough


How to get all keys in Hello Neighbor 2 Beta Game.

Hello Neighbor 2

Hello Neighbor 2 Release Date & Beta Download

The original Hello Neighbor was a fascinating survival horror stealth game. You were assigned the responsibility of snooping around your suspicious neighbor’s home. Apart from its innovative premise and cartoony art style, what set HB apart was its AI, which allowed the Neighbor to learn and adapt to your playing technique. Hello Neighbor has grown into a brand since its release in 2017, with two spin-off games and an animated series in the works. The sequel, Hello Neighbor 2, has been in the works for quite some time and is set to hit theaters later this year. Read on to find out when Hello Neighbor 2 will be released, as well as how to get the Hello Neighbor 2 Beta.

To get access to the Hello Neighbor 2 Beta, you will need to pre-purchase the game.

In the sandbox environment of Hello Neighbor 2, play as an investigative journalist against AI-driven characters to unravel the mystery of the missing kid. This time, the entire town is your toybox!


After a small cutscene you will have to use the key in the barn to open the locked door to collect Quentin’s camera. Walking to the window will trigger a a few quick photos of a mysterious bird like creature. Once Quentin returns to the news room office and walks upstairs a small cutscene will play lighting up the street to the first house you will have to investigate. If you stray off the path the bird will send you back.

Make your way to the basement and use the crowbar to open the door to the dig site. Another cutscene will pay and you will return to the office. Sleep in the bed. Once Quentin wakes up you have a small open world to explore.

You can have a little fun and try to steal the key of the policeman belt to open his car for a donut and you can also turn on the siren which will make him come outside

Hello Neighbor 2

Climb up the museum sign and drop down a small hole into your neighbors house. The first looked door you come to will have a photo of the Mayor holding a key with a statue in the background. This is a clue to the location. Once you have the mayors key head back to the neighbors house and unlock the door to his living room.

Another clue

The door with the pretzel above is your next clue. To open this door you will have to get the key from the Bakery.

Get the key from the bakery to open this door.

You will have to trick the baker to get the key behind the counter. Head to the back room and grab the tool of the counter. Hit the clock which will trigger a timer with an alarm. Make your way out the back door and sneak around to the front. When the alarm clock goes off the baker will walk to the back. Now is your chance, Run in and use the tool to open the display case grab the key and escape without being caught.

Tip. There is also a baking recipe upstairs they you are able to collect.

Hello Neighbor 2 Baker

Use the key to open the door and collect the boars head from the refrigerator. You can now place the boars head in the upstairs room. While walking up the stairs pay attention to the painting of the mayor sitting in a chair, He has a bear head behind him. Another clue?


A large photo hangs over the location of the fish body that is missing a head. Look closely and the man with the eye glasses on the left. You may have already ran into the taxidermist he will try to shoot you.

Place the fish head hear.

If you sneak up to the window of the taxidermist house you can watch him carve a duck from a log and take it out side. He then shoots it. The Hello Neighbor 2 taxidermist will repeat this process.

Lets give him something else to carve. On his front door you will find blueprints on create a fish head. Take the blueprints and while he is outside run in and place the fish head blueprints on his workbench. The next time he goes to work the taxidermist will then carve out a very nice looking fish head.

Now it is time to grab it. An easy method is to wait near the house and when he places it on the target run in and grab it and KEEP RUNNING! He will try to shoot you. No you have another object to place in the display room at your neighbors house but there is one more incomplete bear mount we need to collect in order to open the showcase.

Sneak inside your towns friendly mayor and you can see the bear head over the mayors bed but the door can not be opened. The mayor will eat at the table, walk over to the couch for a brief rest before heading into the room with the jukebox. If you sneak around you can watch him dance.

While he is downstairs make your way to the second floor and open the door to his office across from his bedroom. You can collect a record off the shelf. Now while he is eating add the record to the jukebox and hit the button on the left. The next time the mayor plays the records he will play the new Sleepy record and start to yawn. Quietly follow him up the stairs and while he is sleeping the door to the mayors bedroom will be open. Hide in the cabinet and wait for him to leave. Once he is out you can grab the bear head and sneak out the bedroom window.

Time to head back to the neighbors house and place the bear head on the body. The display case will now open. Grab the attic tool and take a left when you leave the room. You can now use the attic tool to lower the stairs. What is up there you will have to find out. But after that the Beta will end.