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Hello Neighbor 2 Walkthroughs

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Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 1

Act 1 takes place inside Peterson’s house in Hello Neighbor 2, where players must open the basement door.

Players must acquire four keys to the Neighbor’s basement in order to complete Act 1 of Hello Neighbor 2. Each key is located at 910 Friendly Court after completing a problem and running away from Officer Nielsen, who is watching the residence. From the WCB4 TV, where players were woken up, one can go to the house by going down the slope, then turning right.

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Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 2

Act 2 is all about exploring the house of the Baker, trying to figure out her secrets in Hello Neighbor 2

In order to complete Act 2 of Hello Neighbor 2, players must locate the key that unlocks the Museum’s main door. Once Quentin locates all of the missing buttons from the cashier register, the mystery of the key will be clear. To open the cash register, four riddles must be solved inside the Bakery while evading Gerda, a.k.a. The Baker. From the WCB4 TV, head east to the Bakery.

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Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 3

The Taxidermist, who is infamous for his hate of outsiders and who resides in a lake house on the outskirts of Friendly Court, is the subject of Act 3; he is constantly carrying a shotgun to drive them all off his property.

How To Beat Act 3 In Hello Neighbor 2

Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 4

The Mayor’s Mansion, where Act 4 of Hello Neighbor 2 takes place, is watched over by Skipper, his French bulldog. The Mayor is a huge jazz fan who enjoys both listening to and dancing to the music. A jukebox’s music can readily draw his attention because it puts him to sleep.

How To Beat Act 4 In Hello Neighbor 2

Hello Neighbor 2: How To Unlock Attic In The Museum

In Hello Neighbor 2, finding the heads of the lost sculptures is necessary to open the Museum’s Attic and release Aaron.

How To Unlock The Museum’s Attic In Hello Neighbor 2

Hello Neighbor 2: Where To Find All Museum Keys

In Hello Neighbor 2, there are a total of four keys needed to unlock all of the doors in the Museum: one for the main entrance and three for the second-floor rooms. Players receive unique keys for each Act that unlock particular areas of the Museum as a reward.

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