Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 2

Hello Neighbor 2 Walkthroughs

Act 2 of Hello Neighbor 2 is all about investigating the Baker’s home and trying to uncover her secrets.

Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 2
Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 2

Before saving Aaron Peterson, players in Hello Neighbor 2 must progress through a number of Acts. After finishing Act 1 and learning that the Neighbor has relocated to the Museum, Quentin makes the decision to go there to look into it. However, the Museum’s front door is locked, making entry impossible.

Act 2 of Hello Neighbor 2 is entirely about locating the missing cash register buttons, just like the previous chapter. This is due to the fact that the cash register contains the Museum’s key.

Hello Neighbor 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Note: If the gate is locked you need to grab the shovel in the Museum to trigger a cut scene.

How To Beat Act 2 In Hello Neighbor 2

In order to complete Act 2 of Hello Neighbor 2, players must locate the key that unlocks the Museum’s main door. Once Quentin locates all of the missing buttons from the cashier register, the mystery of the key will be clear. To open the cash register, four riddles must be solved inside the Bakery while evading Gerda, a.k.a. The Baker. From the WCB4 TV, move east to get to the Bakery.

The four puzzles are:

  • The Cat Puzzle
  • The Bush Puzzle
  • The Clock Puzzle
  • The Diary Puzzle

The Cat Puzzle (1st Floor)

Follow these steps to obtain the cash register key:

Crouch down as soon as you enter the Bakery through the front door and watch for Gerda to emerge from the players.

Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 2
Take the Key from the Baker

When she does, swiftly approach her and remove the key from her pocket.
Enter through the rear entrance after leaving the Bakery.
Enter a room on the left that has a lockable refrigerator.
Open it with the key, then take out the fish-shaped reward.

Before leaving the room, take the red wheel for later.

Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 2
You will need this upstairs

To occupy the cat, put the treat in its bowl.
The button for the cash register belongs on the cat’s bed.

Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 2
Feed the cat a treat

The Bush Puzzle (2nd Floor Balcony)

For the bush problem solution:

The bedroom is on the second story; proceed there.
Pick up the scissors from the left-hand desk.
Access the bedroom’s adjoining bathroom.

Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 2

Rotate the wheel while it is on the red heater.
Exit through the bathroom window, then leap to the balcony on the left.
Use the scissors to trim the central bush whenever it begins to wither.
Grab the button on the cash register.

Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 2
Cut down the bush all the way

The Book Puzzle (2nd Floor)

Quickly leap from the balcony after compelling the Baker to investigate the second floor and take the following actions:

Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 2
Melt the ice to get the key

Through the Bakery’s back entrance, enter the kitchen.

For later, take the fire extinguisher to the right.

Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 2

At the far end of the kitchen, locate the freezer.
Take the internal key out of the freezer.

Then, turn it around and put it in the oven.

Use the fire extinguisher once the ice has melted.
Head to the second floor after grabbing the key.

Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 2

In the room’s center, approach the locked diary.
Take the cash register button by opening it.

The Clock Puzzle (2nd Floor)

Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 2
There is a key in the clock

To solve the clock puzzle, follow these steps:
At the end of the bed in the bedroom is a square with a pattern.
Grab one of the clock’s hands after cutting the stitched patch with the scissors.

Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 2
cut here with scissors

Reverse direction and proceed to the clock next to the rocking rocker.
Put the hand on the timepiece.

The clock’s hands should continue to move until 10:35. (small hand on 10 and big hand on 7).

Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 2

Take the button number from the cash register.

Hello Neighbor 2: How To Beat Act 2
Enter 1576

Enter the code 1576, which is seen on the image to the right, to open the cash register, and grab the Wing-Shaped Key.

Where To Use The Wing-Shaped Key In Hello Neighbor 2

In Hello Neighbor 2, the Museum’s main door is unlocked using the Wing-Shaped Key. Players must enter the museum and figure out a puzzle in the chamber on the right in order to finish the second act. In order to complete the problem, miniature dwellings must be gathered and placed on a map. After figuring out the riddle, take the key, then open the door to the room. Players will ultimately find a Heart-Shaped Key as they explore the new area, which they can use to unlock a door on the second floor and interact with a photo frame there. Act 2 will end and a cutscene will begin.

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