Hogwarts Legacy How to Change Gear Appearance

Hogwarts Legacy

Change the appearance of your gear in Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy, there is a system that enables players to alter any item’s look to match one they have already obtained. Even if you’ve never worn this equipment, as long as you looted it, you can alter your current gear to look like it. Here’s how to use Hogwarts Legacy’s “transmog” feature, which is frequently referred to as such.

All you have to do to alter the appearance of your gear is navigate to the Gear menu in the Field Guide. Hover over any piece of equipment here (robes and cloak, outfit, neckwear, etc.). The description of the current equipment you have in that part will then appear in a box. However, you will also notice the “Change Appearance” option, which is accompanied by a button.

Press that button, whichever it is, to open a new menu. Every gear appearance you have access to for that specific section is displayed in this menu. Simply choose the look you prefer, and then click the menu button. Even though you changed the appearance of a piece of gear, it will still have the same stats as before.