Hogwarts Legacy: How to Complete Like a Moth to a Frame (Side Quest Guide)

Hogwarts Legacy

One of the very first side quests in Hogwarts Legacy that players can take up calls for the casting of the well-known Lumos spell, called Like a Moth to a Frame.

How to Complete the Like a Moth to a Frame side quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy has a good number of side quests in addition to its lengthy main tale, one of which is titled “Like a Moth to a Frame.” The player must look into a mystery artwork in order to complete this quest, which initially becomes available on the player’s first full day at Hogwarts after they have finished their Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts classes.

Players should cast Lumos, which will disclose a nearby area in the painting’s frame, as she advised after chatting with Lenora. Players must turn to their right and proceed south down a flight of stairs to find this spot. At the foot of the stairs, if they turn to the left, they will see the statue depicted in the artwork, and their character will remark that this location seems to be the best choice. They can obtain a Field Guide Page for the Gregory the Smarmy statue by casting Revelio in this location.

Players will notice a moth perched on the edge of a wall to the left of the statue. This moth will come to life and follow the playable character throughout the Central Hall as long as their wand is lit by casting Lumos in front of it. Players just need to go back up the stairs and then stand in front of the picture frame for the moth to return to the painting in its proper location after canceling Lumos.