Hogwarts Legacy It’s All Gobbledegook Walkthrough

Hogwarts Legacy

It’s All Gobbledegook is the thirty-eighth main quest in Hogwarts Legacy. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of the It’s All Gobbledegook Main Mission.

Requirement: having completed In the Shadow of the Mine and read Lodgok’s Letter from the Owl Post, Level 21
Reward: 260 XP
Quest Info: The mystery deepens. Today, I took Amit with me to meet Lodgok at the goblin mine in the southeast. Lodgok told me about Bragbor, an ancestor of Ranrok, who was commissioned to build fortified repositories made of goblin metal by a group of witches and wizards. Ranrok is searching for these repositories and the power they contain – he wants to take it for all goblin-kind. In the mine, Amit and I discovered that the Loyalists are building enormous drills, presumably to search for the repositories. According to Lodgok, Ranrok has already discovered one of them and the power inside has changed him. He fears that if Ranrok finds the largest repository, it could mean a great war for us all.


  • Speak with Amit
  • Meet Lodgok Near the Mine Entrance
  • Enter the Goblin Mine
  • Search for Evidence of Ranrok’s Plan
  • Exit the Mine
  • Speak with Amit
  • Speak with Lodgok