How to Find Gallow’s Hall and Complete Dreams of the Dead

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Dreams of the Dead in Skyrim is one of the Anniversary Edition’s Creation Club quests, although you must first locate Gallow’s Hall to begin. The Anniversary Edition expands Skyrim’s content by adding new quests, locales, and NPCs to the world. This quest is especially interesting for the magicians among you because it involves necromancy. So, let’s see how we can get started.

Gallows Hall is a necromancer themed Creation with a Necromancer-themed home.

It provides the ability to get an extra permanent conjured skeleton follower via the Bone Forge, a powerful staff that can summon permanent dead thralls as well as a light helmet that applies a second Necromage perk when worn.

You will also be able to transform greater or grand soul gems into black soul gems via the altar inside the new home.

Old forts have long been bastions for the dead, as mortals both wicked and misunderstood have hung from their gallows. Here, a necromancer can find a home filling its coffers with treasures that suit the morbid and macabre – provided they survive it. Claim the legendary Bloodworm Helm, Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw, and the Staff of Worms to wield the power of Mannimarco himself! Created by Rich Marin. (The “Dreams of the Dead” quest starts by reading Naara’s Journal within the abandoned fort on the northern edge of Mara’s Eye Pond.)

How to find Skyrims’s Gallow’s Hall

To find it, travel southwest from Windhelm to a cave entrance cut into the rocks near Mara’s Eye Pond. When you enter, you’ll find a dead magician in front of an altar, surrounded by notes, including Naara’s prayer and diary. Dreams of the Dead begins with the reading of the journal.


The Anniversary Edition includes lots of information and clues in the books and notes. Take the time to read them and discovery new and exciting locations and clues.

How to Finish Skyrim’s Dreams of the Dead

First, read the first clue from Arch Necromancer. It’s behind the body on the table, so just follow the waypoint. A message will appear, ordering you to pick up the torches that trace the magician’s journey, starting with Morthal’s torch on your left. Then turn left and cross the chamber to acquire the torch from Falkreath before going to the Nightgate Inn and Fort Dunstad to get the torch.

Then go near the pillar and get the fallen Staff of Worms with the skull on it. After that, you must “find a need for the staff,” equip it, and search Naara’s body. She’s looking for a letter sent to Hooded Skeleton, which you can locate behind you, inside a coffin. Use the wand to interact with the skeleton to obtain the Arch Necromancer’s key, which opens a safe in the room.

Staff of Worms
Staff of Worms

The Staff of Worms is a powerful staff once owned by Mannimarco, the King of Worms. The staff is able to revive the corpse of a targeted NPC. The reanimated corpse will become your ally.

Necromancer’s second track is also included, so pick it up and read it. Can you conceive of a means to pray to a prince and find a route into the dream world? Well done if you guessed ‘taking a nap.’ There is a shrine to Vaermina on the other side of the chamber, so pray there before retiring to bed next to the dead body. You simply need to sleep for one hour to find three gems within a necromancer’s box when you wake up.

Search the coffins in the room for three Dreamer’s Greater Soul Gems.

The last instructions can be found on the crimson altar when you return to the real world. Pick up the last dreamer’s soul dream, which may be found on the floor close to Naara. Activate the Revenant’s altar by placing the dreamer’s soul stone on it. Gallow’s Hall is now yours, and you can use the altar in the basement to summon undead monsters, as well as locate various alchemy components throughout the cave.

After activating the Revenant’s altar the Dreamer’s Greater Soul Gem will be replaced by Black Soul Gems.

Explore you new fort, deep down in the dungeon you will find a large map of the Provinces of Skyrim, Be sure to read the book next to the very large pile of bones called Notes on the Bone Forge!

Gallows Hall’s main feature is the Bone Forge. This forge can be used at any level to create a permanent undead follower.

Bone Forge. This forge can be used at any level to create a permanent undead follower.

The summoned minion does not count towards your maximum number of summons, meaning you can get a free permanent follower by using the forge.

The minions do not regenerate health and are protected, being downed when their health is too low instead of being outright killed.

See Gallows Hall Items for a detailed list of items added by the creation.


Bloodworm Helm

Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw

Staff of Worms


Arch Necromancer’s First Clue

Arch Necromancer’s Final Instructions

Arch Necromancer’s Second Clue

Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw

Hooded Skeleton

Letter to Naara

Naara’s Journal

Naara’s Plea

Notes on the Bone Forge


Arch Necromancer’s Key









Gallows Hall

Bone Forge


Dreams of the Dead