How to find Marco the water supplier in Dying Light 2 Stay Human

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The “Cheers” side quest in Dying Light 2 Stay Human is one of the first that players will likely do. It includes a supply of poisoned water. Players witness a dispute between Julian and two other people after speaking with him in the Bazaar. One of these individuals believes Julian sold her spouse poisoned water and that he is on the verge of death. Julian assigns Aiden the responsibility of locating two persons who can help him establish he was set up after they leave. Marco, the water supplier, is one of them, though he can be tough to track down in Dying Light 2.

Julian informs the player that Marco is in the Houndsfield area. Players who complete the mission will receive a yellow objective marker indicating Marco’s whereabouts. This marker, on the other hand, just leads players to a building with no apparent entry. Players can learn how to enter this structure, locate Marco, and finish this quest by reading the instructions below.

Cheers! is a side quest given to you by Julian at the Bazaar in Trinity

Finding Marco the water supplier in Dying Light 2

Kill Marco or Let Him Go

Leave the Bazaar and make your way to the map’s first objective. You’ll notice some adversaries roaming the area as you approach the building. You’ll have to kill them in order to continue the job.

Scale the building and enter via the window once they’re dead. You’ll come to a door that has been slightly opened. To find Marco, open it, hop down, and crouch through the hole in the wall.

Marco claims if you help him remove the Infected from the lower floor, he’ll give you information about the tainted water. Drop down and slash through the Infected in the room above you. After that, proceed to the front door to begin the next cutscene.

Kill Marco or Let Him Go

Marco, it turns out, was the one who tainted the water, but it wasn’t supposed to reach the Bazaar.

You have the option of either sparing Marco or exposing him. You’ll start a miniboss fight if you decide to confess the truth about Marco.

To kill Marco, you’ll have to evade rather than block the bulk of the time. Blocking won’t help you because Marco employs Power Attacks. When he approaches close, be wary of his push. When Marco is going to attack, take a step back and stagger him. While he’s recuperating, you’ll have a tiny window to assault him. Rinse and repeat until his health bar is completely depleted.

Finding Marco the water supplier in Dying Light 2
Finding Marco the water supplier in Dying Light 2

Find Hans Before He Drinks the Water

Exit the building and proceed to Hans’ location now that you’ve dealt with Marco. You’ll need a lockpick to break into the building, so make sure you have some scraps on hand. You’ll meet Hans’ wife, Anna, once you’re inside, who claims he’s out hunting.

Find Hans and inform him of the tainted water. Give him the vodka his wife gave you in exchange for some leather.

Return Back to the Bazaar

Return to the Bazaar and look for Julian. He’s being questioned about the water by another survivor, but you tell him the truth about Marco. Julian appreciates your assistance.

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