How to get the Tree Sentinel Armor in Elden Ring

Elden Ring

How to get the Elden Ring Tree Sentinel Armor Set

Elden Ring Tree Sentinel Armor Set Location

The Elden Ring Tree Sentinel armor set can be found in Liurnia’s Auriza Hero’s Grave dungeon. Take the elevator to the bottom of the tomb and exit through the first door on the right. Follow the gradient all the way down, then back up and around the curve to the right. Of course, keep an eye on the chariots. Return to the bottom and look to your right for a passage and to your left for a chasm. There are literally beams in the chasm that you can land on. Descend down to the bottom-most beams, and then cautiously drop down to the bottom-most beams. Turn south and climb up the ladder into the entryway.

How to get the Tree Sentinel Armor in Elden Ring

When you reach the bottom of the chariot slope, continue down the path and enter the passage on the left. Take the right-hand stairwell and the elevator to the top. When you get the opportunity, sprint towards the statue spewing flames and strike it. It will now direct its flames in the opposite direction. When you can, sprint down the corridor and turn left. Slowly descend the stairwell and step down. You should now receive the armor set if the chariots wreck..