How to Save Your Game in MADiSON


Interested in knowing how to save your game in MADiSON without losing any significant progress?

How to Save Your Game in MADiSON
How to Save Your Game in MADiSON

What you should know is as follows.

The bad news will come first, shall we? In MADiSON, there is no method to manually save your game. This game entirely depends on the autosave feature.

It’s a little annoying, especially since it’s unclear how to determine when MADiSON has saved. It would be much simpler to select a “save and quit” option from the menu. But regrettably, that isn’t the situation.

However, not all is lost. Every time you complete a puzzle, acquire a significant item, or make any important advancement in the game, your game usually saves. We had a few XBOX crashes while playing, but we never lost more than a few minutes’ worth of work. Seems like it crashed each time we unlocked an achievement.

Look for the MADiSON logo on the bottom right had corner. Wait until you have solved a crucial puzzle if you want to be certain you won’t lose any progress. It should be safe to exit after a cutscene has finished and you’ve been given the responsibility of going forward.