How to Solve the Candle Puzzle in MADiSON

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How to Solve the Candle Puzzle in MADiSON
How to Solve the Candle Puzzle in MADiSON

Eventually, as you move through MADiSON, you’ll arrive in a cathedral. There, you run across a challenging candle-related challenge.

By snapping a photo of the year in a specific room, you can go to two different eras—1951 and 1987—for the purpose of solving the candle riddle in MADiSON. To begin the problem, you must first explore the cathedral until you have four candles—red, green, yellow, and blue—in your possession.

Obtain the candles.
Once you have the four candles, you must appropriately place them at the color-coordinated ends of mazes. For instance, the red candle needs to be put in the red maze. But to make matters more challenging, they also have to be put in front of the right image at the conclusion of each maze.

You’ll find a little area in each time period with two photos displayed on a wall with an information plaque in front of them. You can use this to determine which picture they should go in front of. When you develop each image, it will be covered in the colored light you need to match with the maze and the candle. Take a shot of each image. In the red maze, you must place the red candle in front of a picture if it has a red light.

The goal is to locate the correct image in the appropriate colored maze, either in 1951 or 1987, and then to position the appropriate candle in front of it. You notice, there are only three of the four photographs in each maze? Although you ultimately start to be pursued by a terrible ghost in 1951, it might still be challenging. To enter a maze swiftly, set the candle, and then make your way out, it helps to know every maze like the back of your hand.

But as many of the riddles in MADiSON seem to have been generated randomly, your answer might not be the same as mine. Even so, hopefully the previous explanation will help you solve the candle puzzle without too much difficulty. After placing each candle in its proper location, a bell will sound. You should now head back to the bell tower where a key will be waiting for you.