In the Weird West, should you scrap or sell looted weapons?

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Weird West – How to upgrade guns and melee weapons

Players will come across a lot of loot as they go across the wildlands of Weird West. Weapons are guaranteed in this game; any enemy who brandishes a weapon at a player will drop that weapon as treasure. Players must decide whether to disassemble the weapons or loot them to sell later.

The answer is simpler than one might imagine. Scrapping it while on the way will suffice if it’s a one-star weapon. Keep it if there’s more than one star so you can sell it to shops once you’ve arrived in a town. Remember that your posse can carry stuff, making them virtual pack mules when the loot piles up.

The arithmetic is simple: one-star guns sell for $2 and can be broken into about two ammunition. It may only drop one (or even three) rounds at a time, but we’re talking about a one-dollar differential, as all projectile ammo types cost $1 per round. Vendor rubbish starts at $8 (utensils and the like), and prices go up from there depending on rarity.

Weapons with rarities greater than one star sell for much more: $10 for a two-star weapon, $30 for a three-star, $60 for a four-star, and $150 for a five-star rare weapon. If your back is against the wall and your trusty pistol is half-full, don’t be shy about scrapping enemy weaponry to keep your posse alive, but try not to gut your wallet in the process.

The general rule of thumb is that one slot needs to equal either a minimum of $8 or will save your life. This can be dependent on bartering perks picked up during the campaign, but the minimal rule stands strong throughout the title. One could argue about sentimental objects being held by certain characters, but that’s a decision player will need to make for themselves

How To Upgrade Guns And Melee Weapons In Weird West

You’ll need enough copper, silver, or gold nuggets to upgrade a weapon from one tier to the next. Mining with your pickaxe in underground regions, many of which are encountered during the game’s random encounters during travel times, is the most reliable way to find these nuggets.

Here’s what’s required for each upgrade:

  • One-star weapon: Starter level weapon, lowest tier available
  • Two-star weapon: One-star weapon + two copper nuggets
  • Three-star weapon: Two-star weapon + seven silver nuggets
  • Four-star weapon: Three-star weapon + 10 gold nuggets

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