MADiSON: How to Solve the Portrait Puzzle in the Attic


You will have spent some time gathering portraits that belong in the attic around a third of the way through the game. Each portrait has a mark on the wall that corresponds to its shape, which ranges from a square to a circle to a diamond and a hexagon. So it would make sense to position them where they belong, wouldn’t it? Not exactly. It’s a little trickier to solve the portrait problem in the attic in MADiSON.

Check out the message on the desk next to the stairs, first. Even if it doesn’t make much sense, it discusses ages and the phrases add and subtract are underlined. They have to be significant.

Next, if you turn any of the portraits over, you can clearly see that each subject’s age is indicated. They must be significant as well.

Through the wall opening at the rear of the attic is where the last piece of the puzzle is located. You can see “43” if you look through it. If you’ve been following Madison’s story, you’ll be aware that this is the age at which Madison passed away. Although it doesn’t really matter, this is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

You still need to finish one less obvious step before you can figure out MADISON’s portrait puzzle in the attic. A desk is located beneath each of the four portrait positions. There are Polaroid photos all over the desks. This is a sign that we should snap a picture. Take a picture of each of the four desks without a picture hanging over it.

Examine the pictures; you’ll see that each one has a number written on the wall.

You must now match the age on the back of one of the portraits with the number on the wall. Each pair must add up to or detract from 43. You could hang the five-year-portrait old’s there to make 43 if the number on the wall is 38, for instance.

Once all four are in the proper position, go and peek through the wall hole. It’s time to continue playing the game because something will have changed.