Skrim Cooking Guide How to Cook in Skyrim

Skrim Cooking Guide How to Cook in Skyrim
Skrim Cooking Guide How to Cook in Skyrim

How to use the oven in Skyrim, How to Bake In Skyrim

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Why do we prepare food? Obviously, to reap the benefits of the nutrients we utilize while remaining healthy. Skyrim is in the same boat. You may make food with the raw ingredients to get more benefits than the individual components, which is where our Skyrim Cooking Guide comes in.

Cooking is an activity in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that can be done but is not a talent. Cooking can be done with the help of cooking pots and spits that can be found all across the province. Cooked food can restore magicka, health, or stamina while also providing temporary effects based on the recipe. Raw meats, veggies, and alchemical substances are all required in the preparations (especially salt piles). The characters begin the game with a comprehensive knowledge of all potential cooking recipes.

Cooking may be highly useful in Skyrim because players will be able to create a variety of foods that provide higher buffs or increases in health and stamina than raw ingredients, and this Skyrim cooking guide will show you how to cook and all of the recipes in the game.

Cooking can be done at specific campsites, in cooking pots, or in cooking pits. To prepare tasty meals, you must adhere to the recipes. Don’t worry if you’re not a natural cook; we’ll guide you through the process with our food recipes.

Skyrim Cooking Recipes – Are you looking for cooking recipes to use in Skyrim?

Skyrim Cooking Guide – Best Cooking Recipes

Venison Chop
Ingredients Required: One Salt Pile, One Venison
It will restore your health by 5.

Vension Soup
Ingredients: Cabbage, Potato, Tomato, Leek
Restores 1 Health and 1 Stamina per second for 12 minutes

Venison Stew
Ingredients Required: One Leek, One Potato, One Salt Pile, One Venison
Restores stamina by 15.

Horker Stew
Ingredients Required: Garlic, Horker meat, Lavender, Tomato
Restores Stamina and health by 15 and there in an increment (+1) in health every second for 12 minutes.

Tomato Soup
Ingredients Required: One Leek, One Salt Pile, One Tomato
Restores Stamina and Health by 15.

Vegetable Soup
Ingredients Required: One Cabbage, One Leek, One Potato, One Tomato
There is an increment in both health and stamina (+1) for 12 minutes.

Cabbage Potato Soup
Ingredients Required: One Cabbage, One Potato, One Leek, One Salt Pile
Restores Health and Stamina by 10

Beef Stew
Ingredients Required: One Carrot, One Raw Beef, One Garlic, One Salt pile
Stamina is increased (25) for 12 minutes each second. It also restores it by 2 per second for the same duration.

Cooked Beef
Ingredients Required: Raw Pile, Raw Beef
Restores health by 20.

Grilled Chicken Breast
Ingredients Required: One Chicken Breast, One Salt Pile
Restores health by 5.

Horker Loaf
Ingredients Required: One Horker meat, One Salt Pile
Restores health by 10.

Horse Haunch
Ingredients Required: One Horse meat, One Salt Pile
Will restore health by 10.

Leg of Goat Roast
Ingredients Required: One leg of Goat, One Salt Pile
Increases health by 10.

Mammoth Steak
Ingredients Required: One Mammoth Snout, One Salt Pile
Restores health by 10

Pheasant Roast
Ingredients Required: One Pheasant breast, One Pheasant Pile
Restores health by 5.

Rabbit Haunch
Ingredients Required: One Rabbit leg, One Salt Pile
Restores health by 5.

Salmon Steak
Ingredients Required: One Salmon meat, One Salt Pile
Restores health by 5.

Horker Ash and Yam Stew (DR)
Ingredients: Garlic, Ash Yam, Horker Meat
Restores Health by 16 and Stamina by 12 points

Elsweyr Fondue
Ingredients Required: One Ale, One Eidar Cheese Wheel, One Moon Sugar
Regenerates (20 for 12 minutes) and Fortifies (100 for 12 minutes) Magicka.

Apple Cabbage Stew
Ingredients: Cabbage, Red Apple, Salt pile
Health +10, Stamina +15

Potato Soup
Ingredients: Potato, Salt pile
Restores Stamina and Health by 10 points each.

Cabbage Soup
Ingredients: Cabbage, Salt pile
+10 Health, +8 Stamina

Clam Chowder (HF)
Ingredients: Clam Meat, Jug of Milk, Potato, Butter
Restores Health and Stamina by 10 points.

Steam Mudcarb Legs (HF)
Ingredients: Mudcarb Legs, Butter
+12 Health

How to cook in Skyrim Hearthfire

Here are a few of the items added by the Hearthfire DLC

New Ingredients for Skyrim Hearthfire

These are the new alchemy ingredients available.

Hawk’s Egg — Harvested from new Hawk’s nests.

Salmon Roe — Harvested from jumping Salmon.

New Raw Food for Skyrim Hearthfire

Raw Food

Butter — Used for baking and cooking. Can be obtained by using the churn in the kitchen of your home.

Jug of Milk — Used for baking and cooking.

Mudcrab Legs — Dropped by mudcrabs.

Sack of Flour — Used for baking and cooking. Found in random loot and can be created at a grain mill using 3 wheat.

Cooked Food
These items can be cooked at any cooking pot or spit.

Clam Chowder — Cooked by the player from clam meat, potato, milk and butter.

Potato Soup — Cooked by the player from potatoes and salt.

Steamed Mudcrab Legs — Cooked by the player from Mudcrab legs and butter.


Baking can only be done at the oven in your player-built kitchen. Specific recipes must be followed, which specify the raw foods that must be combined.

Baking allows you to combine raw food and ingredients to create finished dishes. Baked food provides more substantial benefits than raw food. All of the recipes listed below are available at the beginning of the game even if their associated ingredients are not. For recipe information related to cooking, see this page.

Several foods can be created using the oven:

Skyrim Baked FoodsSkyrim Baking Ingredients
Apple DumplingSack of Flour
Green Apple
Red Apple
Apple Pie1 ButterHF
1 Chicken’s egg
2 Salt piles
2 Green apples
2 Red apples
Braided BreadSalt Pile
Sack of Flour
Bread1 Salt Pile
1 Jug of Milk HF
1 Sack of Flour HF
1 Chicken’s Egg
Chicken DumplingSalt Pile
Chicken Breast
Sack of Flour
Garlic Bread (2)Garlic
Jazbay CrostataButterHF
2 Jazbay Grapes
Sack of Flour
Juniper Berry CrostataButter
3 Juniper Berries
Sack of Flour
Lavender DumplingMoon Sugar
Sack of Flour
2 Snowberries
Potato BreadSalt Pile
Jug of Milk
Sack of Flour
Chicken’s Egg
Snowberry CrostataButter
2 Snowberries
Sack of Flour
Sweet Roll1 x Salt Pile
1 x Jug of MilkHF
1 x Sack of FlourHF
1 x ButterHF
1 x Chicken’s Egg

Cooking locations

Skyrim cooking stations

Alvor and Sigrid’s house in Riverwood.
Any house built (with Hearthfire installed).
Any house bought with a kitchen upgrade.
Any Imperial or Stormcloak camp (each is only available to neutrals or members of the corresponding faction).
Autumnwatch Tower in the tower on the right as it is approached from the dragonstone.
The Bannered Mare in Whiterun.
Calixto’s House of Curiosities in Windhelm.
Corpselight Farm house in Falkreath.
Dragonsreach in Whiterun.
The Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun.
Embershard Mine, between Helgen (beginning of the game), and Riverwood. Cooking here can complete the Hard Worker achievement along with mining and wood chopping.
Faendal’s home in Riverwood.
Fletcher in Solitude.
Fort Greymoor inside the keep.
Gerdur’s home in Riverwood.
Lost Knife Hideout in Lost Knife Cave.
Sadri’s Used Wares in the Gray District of Windhelm.
Silus Vesuius’s House in Dawnstar.
Solitude Stables near Katla’s Farm.
The White Phial in Windhelm.
Ysolda’s House in Whiterun.