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Release date, trailer, platforms, and everything you need to know

Though it’s still in production and will take at least a few years to reach stores, the game’s reveal video gives us a taste of the planets we may anticipate to visit. Lucasfilm Games also revealed further details on what players will do once they get their hands on the game. Here’s all we know about Star Wars Eclipse so far.

This will be the first Star Wars game set in the High Republic.

The title of the upcoming game Star Wars Eclipse could be a metaphor for the development of new terrible forces and the end of the High Republic, implying that the dark side will bring the High Republic to an end. Eclipse will be an action-adventure game with a strong focus on strategic decision-making. The game’s title, along with an outstanding cinematic trailer, was revealed at the Game Awards 2021, and it is now in early production at Quantic Dream.

Star Wars Eclipse, a new Star Wars game, was announced at The Game Awards 2021. Set during the High Republic era, the game is said to put player choice at the center of the experience, and that’s about all we know about it aside from the fact that it’s being developed by Quantic Dream, the studio behind Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain, and Beyond Two Souls, which are all PlayStation exclusives.

According to AccNGT, Star Wars Eclipse is an open-world action-adventure game with interactive storytelling with some multiplayer elements. AccNGT adds the game is an original story and a very ambitious game that has apparently looked towards The Last of Us for inspiration. Further notes made include a note about the game having a non-linear story, much like Quantic Dream’s previous games and several playable characters. 

Development-wise, the leaker claims the game’s development began, in some form, 18 months ago and is using the studio’s in-house engine, which is known for its visual fidelity more than gameplay.¬†

Star Wars Eclipse is an action-adventure game set during the High Republic, featuring a branching narrative with multiple characters where your choices will determine the outcome of events. Eclipse boasts new species and environments that haven’t been seen in the franchise before. Quantic Dream notes that each of the characters has their “own morality, personality, motivations, and impact upon each other and the story at large.”

The cinematic announcement trailer revealed no gameplay details, which is understandable given the game’s early stage of development. According to reporter Tom Henderson, it will be open-world, but the company is having trouble developing it because its internal engine was not designed to support open-world games. Though Quantic Dream has previously specialized in interactive experiences, the fact that Star Wars Eclipse is being marketed as a “action-adventure” game suggests that it will place a bigger emphasis on battle than previous Quantic Dream titles.

From approximately 300 BBY to 82 BBY, the High Republic Era occurs (Before the Battle of Yavin, when the first Death Star was destroyed in A New Hope). With the Galactic Republic at its peak, it’s characterized as a golden period for the Jedi, a time of vast exploration and expansion across the galaxy. Though there was fighting between the Jedi and Nihil in the Outer Rim, it was generally seen as a peaceful time.

It’s unknown when Star Wars Eclipse will take place during the High Republic, but we do know that it will take place in the Outer Rim in a “uncharted area of the galaxy.” During their journeys, players will visit various planets that have never been seen before.

Star Wars: Eclipse
Star Wars: Eclipse