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There are 125 legendary Boss Fish to catch, including 11 Monster Boss Fish, the game’s most difficult fish to catch. Only the most skilled anglers will be able to locate and catch all of these dubbed fish.

There are five different destinations to choose from, each with its own set of problems. Oxlease Lake, part of the Linear Fisheries complex, is a superb specimen carp fishery with some excellent secondary species such as tench and roach. Huge wels catfish can be found in the River Ebro, and exotic monsters like arapaima and big wolf fish can be found in Malaysia’s Pearl Lake. Explore the openness of Loch Mickle in Scotland or go urban street fishing in Rotterdam’s city center, both of which contain predators such as pike and zander.

The Catch Carp & Coarse Boss Fish Location Tank Arapaima 463lb

The Catch Carp & Coarse Boss Fish Location Pearl Lake Malaysia Tank, Arapaima 463 lb, Where to find Giant Arapaima in The Catch,

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The Catch Carp & Coarse All Lake Pearl Fish

Let us take a look at all the fish in Lake Pearl. The Catch Carp & Coarse Lake Pearl has 10 different fish species and some of the largest fish in the game.

The Catch Carp & Coarse Boss Fish Zach Black Pacu Fishing

The Catch Back 2 Back Boss Fish Dumpling & Scooby

Boss Fish Dumpling a 206lb Mekong Catfish, Boss fish Scooby a 127lb Siamese Carp. The Catch Carp & Coarse where I caught back 2 back Boss fish in Pearl Lake.

The Catch Carp & Coarse Boss fish. Two Giant Wolf Fish caught back two back. Boss fish named Blade a Giant Wolf Fish in The Catch and Slingshot boss fish another giant wolf fish.

The Catch Wyvern Arapaima Boss Fish Monster Arapaima The Catch Carp & Coarse Boss fish named Wyvern. Arapaima fishing in Pearl Lake. Fishing Video Game

Monster Redtail catfish called Merah the largest redtail catfish in Pearl Lake. The Catch Carp and Coarse Boss fish location and set up

The Catch Carp and Coarse boss fish called Slingshot a giant wolf fish you can catch in Pearl Lake. Fishing for giant wolf fish in Malaysia

The Catch Carp & Coarse Boss fish called Frank a bighead carp you can catch in Pearl Lake, fishing for carp in Malaysia. Boss fish location in The Catch.

Pearl Lake, The Catch Carp & Coarse Julien Golden Carp 55lb 14 oz Boss Fish called Clary.