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Trek To Yomi

Trek To Yomi collectible artifact locations, How to find all the collectible artifacts in Trek To Yomi.

Each of the game’s chapters has a dozen or fewer collectibles, so keep an eye out as you progress through the chapters and fight the game’s opponents.

Looking for the locations of all the Trek To Yomi collecting artifacts? Here’s where you’ll find them throughout the game’s chapters.

Chapter 1 Collectible Artifacts Locations

Chapter 2 Collectible Artifact Locations

Chapter 3 Collectible Artifact Locations

Chapter 4 Collectible Artifact Locations

Chapter 5 Collectible Artifact Locations

Chapter 6 Collectible Artifact Locations

Chapter 7 Collectible Artifact Locations

There are 60 collectible artifact locations dispersed across the seven chapters of Trek To Yomi, which can be located in side rooms, foregrounds, and backgrounds of screens.


Chapter One Trek To Yomi Collectible Artifact Locations


The first chapter of Trek To Yomi contains seven valuable artifact locations. They can be found at the following locations

Location of Tamaya Mirror

Head out the back of the building to the garden after finishing the tutorial fight. The mirror is supported by a supporting pole beneath the gazebo at the end of the garden.

Izanagi Print location

You will come across a building where people are eating as you travel around the town and buildings. The valuable artifact may be found on the table in the first room of this structure.

Location of Kai-Awase Shell

When you reach the first shrine, look for the Kai-Awase Shell collection relic. Instead of moving further, turn left to encounter a man conversing with Hiroki; if you converse with him, he will offer you the collectible.

Sakura Bloom location

The Sakura Bloom is located right beyond the temple. Take the left way into a barn as you approach the village’s outskirts. In the barn, the flower is on the table.

Field Mouse Sculpture location

Once you start down the slope, you’ll find the next collectible a bit further on. Behind the hill, there is a little trail marked by a wooden fence. Return to the table to locate the collectible.

Kakute location

Before you push the cart, look inside the building with the straw roof in the outer village for the Kakute collectible artifact.

Izanami Print location

When you reach the fields at the conclusion of the level, you’ll find the final collectible in this chapter. Take a right at the fork in the route before heading left to find the print on a stone memorial. A Stamina Upgrade location can also be found here.

n Chapter 2 of Trek To Yomi, there are six valuable artifact locations. They’re available at the following locations:

Trek To Yomi Chapter 2 Collectibles Artifacts

Trek To Yomi Chapter 2 Collectibles Artifacts

Discarded Kami Carving location

When approaching the cliff you must climb up with the log, look for the Discarded Kami Carving. Continue to the right before continuing up to find the object beside a tiny mound of straw.

Crude Tekko location

When you enter the mines, you’ll come across a room with a broken pathway and a straight plank of wood. Shimmy along the wooden planks, then push one down and walk across it to find the collectible on the other side of the mine in a barrel.

The Three Monkeys location

After exiting the building and crossing the bridge, climb the cliff to the left to find a shrine. To obtain the collectible, interact with the shrine.

EMA Location

To continue, you’ll need to climb a ladder after pushing the cart out of the way. Before you do, look to the left for the artifact collectible spot on the straw.

Lost Love Letter location

After crossing the river, you’ll find the second Trek To Yomi collectable relic spot. Head to the left before crossing the little boats to find another section of the region. At the extreme end of the home, you’ll locate the letter on a stool.

Mori Shio location

After you kick the barn doors open and come across a shrine, you’ll find the final valuable relic in Chapter 2. Instead of continuing to the right, turn around and walk towards the camera, which is hidden behind a stump.


Chapter 3 Artifacts (10 Collectibles)

Chapter 3 Artifacts

Swordsmith’s Hammer – Begin by climbing the stairs into the village. Continue straight and pass the burning rubble on the right side of the street (past the rickshaw on the right). On the left, you’ll notice a piece of the building that isn’t on fire (between two that are). This one is propped up against the structure. You’ve gone too far if you ascend up.

Dove – Complete the next battle encounter before descending the stone stairs. Kill the bandits that have taken over the bridge. To discover this one on a crate near a shrine, cross it and enter the dark second-story entrance.

Magatama Bead — When leaving the wheat barn, pass through the region where you can hide from arrows. A torch will fork the path straight and left. Kill the bandits on the left. This one is to the right of the crouched, crying man, near the burning house.

Fujin Print — From there, descend and turn left. Then proceed to the first torch (towards the screen), where the bodies are chained to poles. At the end of the trail, you’ll come across an NPC who is on the ground.

Fishing Pole – Continue past the flaming cart and down the hill. Turn left at the bottom, past the shrine, and through the gate. This one is immediately inside the gate on the right (there’s a woman waving a spear here).

Ugajin – Pass through the field toward the main gate after defeating the cavalry. For this one near the finish, head right down a concealed route in front of the wall just before the gate.

Bronze Mirror – Go through the gate and combat the bandits . Climb to the top and walk straight through the blazing structure. Examine the containers to the left as soon as you exit.

Inarizushi – Defeat the spearman and enter the house. This one is on a box with a light on it, all the way to the right.

Moon Flask — After fighting the bandits on the rooftops, you’ll eventually reach a long flight of stairs with a shrine at the top and burning banners on the left. To find this one, go to the back of the area and turn right near the flaming rubble.

Rice Bowl — You’ll fight four or five bandits near the end of the chapter in the same warehouse you passed through in Chapter 1, but this time it’s on fire. As you exit the warehouse, a cart on fire appears at the top of the screen. Examine it.

Trek To Yomi Chapter 4 Collectibles

Onyudo – As you progress into the forest, you’ll come upon a group of NPCs and two cages near a town with a bonfire. For this one, go to the far right cage.

Noppera-bo — Enter the house on the left at the Bonfire. This one is in the foreground, on a table.

Otoroshi — Keep going until you reach an area with a shrine on the right, a big torii gate on the left, and a pagoda on the right. This one is on a wooden box inside the pagoda.

Hitotsume-kozo – Examine the boxes on the first level in the middle of the building near the dam.

Yurei – Fight the samurai on the rope bridge in the tunnel and go past the mountain’s massive face. Climb up and out of the marsh. Take the trail to the right and up. Push the tree down near the waterfall past the shrine, then walk to the opposite side to discover this one on a tree stump.

Uwan – Instead of going up the hill on the right side after defeating the samurai on the wooden covered bridge, go up the hill on the left side. This one can be found on a body near a fire.

Nuppeppo – Climb up the ledge outside and through the home with the spiders coming in the walls. The right-hand path leads to a bridge. Instead, turn left to discover this one near a cage towards the end.

Inugami – Cross the lake and fight the samurai to find the Inugami artifact. Soon after, you’ll arrive in a village. After several renovations, turn left and cross the bridge. On the other side, there’s a shrine with a ladder heading up. Climb it and look through the torch at the woodpile.

Ushi-Oni — After dashing across the crumbling bridge, climb up a damaged bridge piece to the right toward a shrine. Climb to the top of a wooden box to find this one.

Yamawaro – Push the beam down to create a way up through the small settlement. Follow it around the slope and slide down. This one is kept in a cage atop a little crate.

Chapter 5 Artifacts in Trek To Yomi

There are 5 Collectibles in Chapter 5

Great Thunder – When you first arrive in Yomi, descend the hill and look for this collectible near the rocks on the left side.

Cleaving Thunder – Defeat the first ghost and depart the hall to get to the Cleaving Thunder artifact. Continue to the left and look for a little box in the bottom left corner.

Earth Thunder – Finish the second puzzle and proceed up the stairs, where you will face another fight encounter. Follow the path to the finish, where you’ll locate this one on a crate by a cart (across from some stairs leading down).

Black Thunder – After constructing a second alternate path with the movable blocks, proceed straight through a dojo combat room into a room with a shrine that you can freely enter. Continue straight into a statue-filled combat room. Continue straight to the end of the trail, where you’ll find a big urn with this at its base.

Couchant Thunder — On the left, there will be a shrine and tiger figurines. This one can be found behind the square (middle) brazier on the right side.

Roaring Thunder – After defeating the boss, proceed through the enormous door that opens. Turn left before the second giant door in the hall with the two large pillars to locate a shrine and this collectible on a crate.

Young Thunder – Finish the third puzzle and activate the switch at the top of the section to open a passageway. This one can be found on the ground to the right of the tower, flashing brightly.

Fire Thunder/Raijin – Go through the tower and down the stairs to get to the Fire Thunder/Raijin artifact. Continue straight through the combat area after using the shrine. Take two flights of stairs. Look left at the bottom of the third set for this one by the wall.

Chapter 6 Collectible Artifact Locations

Chapter 6 of Trek to Yomi has 10 Collectible Artifacts

Yutsu-Tsuma-Gushi (Yutsu-Tsuma-Gushi) — Go up to the shrine and look to the left of it for this one.

Maggots – After the second teleport, you’ll slide down a hill and climb up a ledge along the path. For this one, go the path up to the left into an area with candles and skulls.

Ebikazura Grapes — Pass through the portal and the combat arena, which is filled with archers aiming at you. With this collectible, you’ll see a shrine with a rock protrusion to the right.

Thunder Drum  – Enter the house after completing the combat zone in front of the enormous snake skull. For this one, climb the ladder and walk onto the beams in the front.

Ookamuduminomikoto — Enter the whirlpool through the portal near the obelisks. Follow the next combat area to the far right of the screen, where you’ll discover this one on a crate beside a tree.

Totsuka-No-Tsurugi – Teleport to the jungle temple’s next obelisk, then go to the next combat area over the wooden bridge. This one can be found on a little box under a tree if you go all the way to the right (an obelisk is in the background).

Naginata Tip: Teleport to the burning village and finish the combat area with extra bridges. Finally, look for the smoldering rubble at the top of the screen (before the area slopes down to the right).

Tainted Clothing – Teleport back to a forest to get the tainted clothing. Continue until you reach a dock. This one is on the far right side of the dock.

Hirasaka — Using the dock teleporter, head right when you spawn to pick up this collectible off the cliff’s edge barrier.

Onusa — Go to the left of the gate to this one by a cart before entering the dazzling light at the Torii gate at the end of the same area.

Chapter 7 Collectible Artifact Locations

Trek To Yomi Chapter 7 has 9 Collectible Artifacts

Matching Kai-Awase Shell — When you return to the town from Yomi, head right about halfway down the trail before it slopes up to discover this one.

Hiogi Remainder — Continue up the walkway and up the stairs into the building where the Izanagi Print was discovered in Chapter One. This one will be on the right-hand counter.

Kiseru Remnant — Enter the same building, descend the stairs, enter another building, and enter a small courtyard with a combat area. At the top of the screen, you’ll find two wounded peasants near a cart and wreckage. Examine the steps.

Death Warrant – Climb down and right to climb over a short wall after falling through the ceiling. This one is on a container in the foreground.

Omoikane Mask -Defeat the general and proceed to the next home. As soon as you go in, look to the left for this one you will find the mask on a cabinet.

Tsurugi — You’ll come across a section of the hamlet where a massive explosion will obstruct your way. Pass through the inside fighting area before moving on to the outer combat area. To find this collectible on a table, squeeze past the crates and jump over the obstacle in the next house.

Kanke Koshu – This one can be found on a barrel at the top of the stairs in the same house (to the left of the door).

You’ll arrive at a stream after the timed challenge with the fire and fireworks. This one can be found in the rocks on the right side of the bridge, underneath the bridge.

Sake Cup — Continue up the path past the shrine, past the gate, and up the stairs to the blazing dojo. A stack of boxes appears at the bottom of the screen when the camera shifts. Examine it.

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