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Two Point Campus, the brand-new university management sim game from Two Point Studios, will be released in 2022. In it, you can create the institution of your dreams, influence the lives of your students, and oversee a variety of crazy and beautiful courses.

Is Two Point Campus out?

Two Point Campus new release date is August 9th 2022. Two Point Campus comes on August 9 for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4/5 after being originally scheduled for May 17. On the day of release, the game will also be available on Xbox Game Pass, according to Two Point Studios.

Build your university, your way! Spin academia on its head with the college simulation game Two Point Campus. Build, hire staff and run an academic institution packed with wild courses.

Build your college the way you want!

Time to turn academics on their heads! Do you have a desire to learn? Or are you only eager to create a masterpiece in education? There are a ton of new creative tools on campus that can help you create the university of your dreams.

Build outside for the first time as you create your own deliciously instructive college environment that contains the best instructional facilities in the nation. You can create the university you desire, whether you choose to use straightforward foundations or plant each tree in its proper place.

Create paths with fresh, simple tools. Plant beautiful outdoor plant collections. Set up tables, water features, sculptures, hedgerows, and even picket fences. Your imagination is the only restriction (and your in-game bank balance).

However, a Two Point game wouldn’t be complete without a twist. Instead of the usual academic fare, students in Two Point County have access to a variety of crazy and amazing courses, such as Knight School (hey, we all have to learn jousting at some point in our life), salivatory Gastronomy, and massive pies and gigantic pizzas.

The new school year has begun!

Take advantage of the chance to interact with the students at your university on a much more frequent basis. With a summer break before the start of the academic year, you have plenty of time to get everything looking fantastic before your students arrive in. Build libraries, employ the best faculty (including odd professors and crazy researchers), outfit your campus with the best courses, and watch as your students’ academic potential is awakened.

Influencing the future

But at Two Point Campus, it’s not just about working hard. Learn about each of your pupils’ unique personalities, needs, and desires. Clubs, societies, and performances will keep them content. Provide pastoral care, surround them with friends, assist them in forming relationships, and make sure they have the correct amount of joy so they may grow into amazing people who will honor the heritage of your university.

Two Point Campus Walkthroughs will come out the day the game is released.

Two Point Campus gameplay coming soon.

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