Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong Emem Walkthrough


Scene 1 (Emem)

It’s time to get started on your first primary assignment now that the prologue is over and the three characters have been presented. Part one of this first scene has Emem chasing down a close friend, allowing you to familiarize yourself with Emem’s core mechanics and gain a better understanding of Vampire: The Masquerade’s universe.

The task will begin with you speccing Emem. This can be intimidating at first, but after you understand how Emem works, it gets much easier.

Emem Character

Character speccing will be a major focus in Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong, and Emem will be your first opportunity to try out the leveling system. You can play the character in one of four ways: investigator, veteran, jack of all trades, or free.

The first three options each have a recommended build based on your playstyle, with the investigator focusing on information, persuasive language, and undercover skills, the Veteran on physical social skills and intimidation, and the jack of all trades being a good mix of both. Free lets you specify your own skills, though it’s recommended to do so once you’ve gotten a better understanding of each level and which skills are best for overcoming it.

Emem will spend the majority of the game exploring locales, uncovering clues, and conversing with crucial NPCs. The Jack of All Trades profile is a decent early build for her because it allows her to dabble in almost every aspect of Swansong’s gameplay. However, the Investigator will allow her to gain some useful social and deductive abilities early on, which will come in helpful during the adventure. If you need more assistance deciding which profile to focus on, visit our Emem website for more information.

Locate Journey

After you’ve made your decision, you’ll see Emem meet the Prince, Hazel, for the first time. You’ll discover more about the code red and be given a particular job to perform, with Hazel tasked with finding Journey. She’s been missing since you arrived in court and is wanted for questioning.

Because your dialogue will have no impact on the tale, you can make any decisions you like. You’ll leave the Prince’s chambers and arrive at the vessel blood bar once the chat is finished.

How to Feed

Another basic mechanic will be revealed to you at the blood bar: feeding. Feeding is necessary to maintain your hunger meter low, which allows you to employ more vampire abilities and withstand certain in-game events. To eat, you must first locate and enter a safe zone. These secret locations can be found on every level. When a green diamond symbol appears at the top of the screen, you’ve entered one (as circled below).

In the location where Emem spawns, she can locate two. Both are private dining booths on the left-hand side of the room, facing one other. To unlock them, go to either. When the aforementioned green diamond sign displays at the top of your screen, you’ve activated a safe zone.

Walk up to any of the boats strewn about the room once the safe zone has been triggered. When a diamond sign identical to the safe zone symbol shows next to a human, you know they can be fed on. To summon a vessel to a safe zone, press the correct button. Instead of walking them to a safe zone, feeding them will activate a cutscene that teleports you and the victim to the nearest hiding spot.
Prepare to play the feeding mini-game once the cutscene begins to play. The rules are straightforward. A little bar with seven tabs will emerge at the bottom of the screen once Emem bites her victim. To fill the bar, press and hold the corresponding button.

The bar will quickly fill, exposing numbers ranging from 1 to 7 on each tab. These figures show the amount of blood you’ll receive if you let off of the button and stop the bar in a tab. To dramatically lessen your hunger meter, try to let go as late as possible. However, avoid overfilling the bar.

If you do, the target will perish, arousing suspicion in the region and making skill tests more difficult. The target will perish if you do not press the button. If your victim survives, you’ll have the choice of feeding again to twice the amount of hunger lessened, but this will kill the target.


The first clue to Journey’s whereabouts can be found in the booth to the right of the bar. A vessel has passed out on the sofa and a scarf is draped across her. When you approach the scarf, the game will give you a lesson on how to use the auspex ability. Once completely improved, this vampire ability allows Emem to utilize her senses to track targets, locate hidden clues, and even access visions.

Use auspex to obtain a scent trail that leads to Journey by looking at the scarf. It will lead you out of the booth and into the bar. You’ll end up in the Boston Court’s main core. You’ll meet Berel Underwood (Galeb’s childe who he informed Feng about during the prologue) if you follow the scent via the opposite side of the room’s door. You can speak with him if you like, but Underwood has good social stats, so unless you can persuade or intimidate him, he won’t be of much use.

The Office Block and Archives

Turn your attention to the office block ahead now that Underwood is gone. The four offices in this location provide various clues concerning Journey, but the archives on the right-hand side of the room are your primary objective. Begin your search at the center of the offices, in Abigail Nurmi’s room.

A partially burned note can be seen on the table to your left. Read it. It will add a new quest to your notebook, requiring you to locate the source of the note. There are several lore-heavy documents strewn about this office, as well as a pager that can be altered to show deleted messages if your tech skill is 3 or above. The deleted message will suggest that you check Journey’s computer, therefore it’s not worth unlocking since we’re already heading that way.

Go to Lazarus Sheridan’s office after you’ve finished snooping in Abigail’s. The entrance is directly across from Abigail’s. The archive keycard can be found on the table to your right. With this pass, you can now access the archives, while you can still do some preliminary research. Look to your left on the table for a note with some intriguing details, then exit Sheridan’s office.

Enter Journey’s office on the opposite side of the office block. To access the computer, walk over to it and press “consult.” One of the emails will indicate that Abigail was the last person Journey saw, giving Journey a new goal. The game will now assign you the duty of tracking down Abigail, though we’ll need to do some more digging first.

Search the office for notes and take the business cards on the table next to Journey’s guitar. Leave the office now. You can use auspex to listen in on the talk in the office across from Journey’s, but it will only be about Abigail’s earlier visit to the archives.

When you’re ready, go to the archives and enter with the key card. Turn left and open the filing cabinet on your left. Abigail grabbed the page from the red folder, according to the red folder. Look locate another interactive filing cabinet opposite the one you just accessed before leaving the archives. A pink stinking note with the code 9138 can be found.

Find a safe on the other side of the archives. Enter the code to reveal some business cards that can help you regain your willpower.

Code is 9138

Return to the blood bar where you began the level, and Abi will be close to the right of the bar. When you speak with her, she’ll tell you that Journey went up to Jara Drory’s chamber. Drory’s room is on the second level, which we may reach by returning through the lobby.

You can go meet April before ascending the stairs and have a brief conversation about Journey, but the interaction will not provide you with anything you don’t already know. Her office is located in the back of the building, past the four major offices and through two double doors.

When you’re ready to continue on, go around the corner past April’s room and up the stairs on the left. You’ll be in a landing spot when you reach the top. We’ll need to turn left via a set of double doors to get to Jara’s room (as shown in the picture below).

But hurry into the spacious meeting room in front of you and strike up a conversation with Hilda, who is staring out over the city. Your dialogue choices will have no effect here, so carry on with the conversation as you feel fit.

Return to the landing and exit through the double doors after your talk is finished. You’ll know you’ve discovered the right ones because to the right of them is a plaque with Jara’s name.

After passing through the doors, look to your left for the first unit. Your first Point of No Return symbol can be found here. The crossed-out U-turn emblem will appear next to decisions that will continue the tale and compel you to leave an explorable part, indicating that you should finish what you haven’t started. Enter the apartment when you’re ready to move on.

What options do you have with Journey?

When you walk into the flat, you’ll see Journey going over Jara’s papers. You’ll be presented with your first significant choice after a brief discussion about how the code red arose from the unification party Journey organized: Take the Prince’s Journey or tell her to flee? The instant reactions to the choice are listed below.

Take Journey to the Prince

Emem will take her out of the apartment and back towards the Prince without difficulty. This will stop the scene immediately, moving the action forward to Leysha’s part of Scene 1.

Tell Her to Escape

If you tell Journey to flee, she’ll initiate a confrontation, which is a dialogue-based standoff. Confrontations are Swansong’s boss bouts, in which you face off against NPCs and argue them. A set of diamonds will appear on top of the screen as a conflict begins. These are the stages you must complete in order to complete the fight. You’ll also have a “miss” counter, which tells you how many times you can say incorrect dialogue before losing the confrontation.

Three diamonds appear on top of the screen in Journey, for example. To win, you’ll have to complete three stages. Because the miss counter is three, you can choose the incorrect dialogue option up to three times and still win the discussion. You’ll automatically advance to the following stage if you choose the wrong dialogue choice on a standard stage. If you select the incorrect dialogue option on the final level, the stage will repeat until you select the correct option or your free misses are exhausted.

Emem and Journey both leave once you’ve persuaded her, with Emem claiming she’ll have her Anarch contact pick Journey up.

After Leysha’s next segment, Emem will return to the Prince to be debriefed on her assignment, which will be the section’s conclusion. The Prince will thank you and laud you for bringing Journey back.

You can try to offer an excuse or own your error if you let her leave. You’ll need Rhetoric Lv3 (“Pretend you couldn’t find her”), Psychology Lv3 (“Pretend she duped me”), or Persuasion Lv5 (“Pretend she fought back”). You’ll get the “Skilled Orator” characteristic if you respond yes to any of them.

The dialogue will then resume as usual until the segment is officially concluded with a summary screen.