Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong Prologue Walkthrough



It’s time to begin your journey through the realm of Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong when the Boston Court receives word of a mysterious code red.
Learn how to master the game’s prologue section, which introduces you to each of the primary characters as well as some of the key mechanics you’ll use to seduce, scam, and bully your way through the game’s seedy supernatural underworld.


Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong will thrust you right into the action after a gruesome introductory cutscene. You’ll control Emem in this segment, one of the three primary characters you’ll control during the adventure.

The game will teach you the basics of its most significant system: talks, while you are standing in an elevator with her companion Journey. You’ll have to utilize words a lot in Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong to resolve difficult confrontations, smooth your way out of awkward circumstances, and get access to key regions. Emem and Journey will discuss the code red they were summoned for in this segment, so you can get a feel for the conversation dynamics.

Journey will disclose she’s worried about being blamed for the code red as Emem and Journey converse, giving you your first dialogue option and a tutorial on how to use skill checks. One of the most essential elements in Swansong is skill checks, which will come up regularly in chats. These alternative dialogue options are effectively a duel with the individual with whom you’re conversing.

To speak the sentence correctly, you’ll need to be better than your opponent at the type of social skill necessary. Hovering over the dialogue choice will reveal their stats, which will display a comparison between your aptitude for the talent and that of your opponent.

You have two dialogue options to choose from in this situation. The first alternative is around the Psychology statistic: “she has nothing to hide.” Emem has a Psychology score of 2 and Journey has a Psychology score of 1. As a result, Emem’s chances of effectively calming Journey with this answer are very good.

Listen to the response after selecting your dialogue option, and the conversation will continue. You’ll get your first chance to ask questions eventually. A little, round infinity sign will appear next to a response if it won’t drive the conversation forward (and hence allow you to gather information freely). Before selecting “change the subject…”, inquire further about Swansong’s lore by asking Journey about the code red protocols.

Until the elevator doors open and you meet April, the dialogue will continue.

Dialogue Disciplines

Following your brief conversation with April, you’ll be introduced to another dialogue mechanic: dialogue disciplines. These will allow you to convince and influence your opponents using vampiric abilities. These act in a similar way to traditional skill checks. You will be able to cast your spell and affect your opponents if your level of discipline is higher than theirs.

The main distinction is that it does not require willpower. Instead, it will increase your hunger, which can be reduced by drinking blood. Some characters are immune to these skills, as you’ll discover later, but the game won’t tell you that up front.

In this conversation, you have the option of being there. It has the ability to command enemies. Choose “flatter April” and wait for the command to fail. After that, you’ll get your first trait. Traits are earned by making modest decisions in the game and have a negative impact on stats or percentage changes. You have the attribute ‘Put in Her Place,’ which increases the cost of your next mental skill purchase by 10 XP.

Journey will be taken away to see the Prince as the dialogue continues, leaving you to continue on your own.

Galeb Bazory

The game will reveal its second playable character, Galeb Bazory, once you enter the main section of the Boston Court. He’ll be conversing with Xu Feng, his partner. This portion is primarily intended to introduce some of the story’s major characters, so don’t stress too much over the dialogue choices you’re making.

Galeb’s part will focus your attention on several key members of the court, so pay attention if you want the inside scoop on Xu Feng, Kaius, and Berel Underwood.

The game will then return to Emem, who is in the middle of the room arguing with Dajan. After the minor brawl, you’ll meet Hilda, who is engaged in a heated debate with Emem. This conversation will teach you to the final and most important conversation mechanic: concentrating.

Focusing Skill

Focusing allows you to boost your stats for a fee while in the middle of a chat. When a skill check arises and you can’t match your opponent’s level, you can enhance your stat by two levels at the expense of a lot more willpower. That suggests it’s not a skill you should use frequently. It’s better to save it for tense situations or when you’re in dire need of knowledge.

There are two factors to keep in mind when performing focusing skill checks:

A stat that is currently at level 0 cannot be focused.
Focus can be used by your opponent as well, with most opponents using it more frequently after you’ve used it several times in a talk.

Your Rhetoric stat is at 1 in your current conversation with Hilda, while Hilda’s is at 2. Focus your Rhetoric stat to 3 by hovering over the “does she know anything about the code red?” choice. Hilda will concentrate as well, pushing up her rhetoric stat and bringing the conversation to a close.

If your stats are tied, the game will assign you a % win chance based on the level of the overarching attribute that the specific stat belongs to. Each stat will fall into one of three categories: cerebral, social, or physical. Level these up to increase your chances of winning stalemates.

Carry on your talk with Hilda and then proceed forward to the elevator in front of you.

Meet Leysha and Halsey

Our final protagonists, Leysha and her daughter Halsey, will be introduced in the following section. You’ll be able to speak with Halsey about reuniting after many years following an odd premonition scene. There are no repercussions if you speak openly with Halsey.

Following this introduction, Galeb and Emem will enter the room, sparking a conversation among the three protagonists. Answer in whatever way you like. Before the double doors behind them swing open and they’re allowed to speak with the prince, the group will discuss the code red. This marks the end of the prologue and the start of your first main quest.

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