Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong  Walkthrough Leysha


Walkthrough of Scene 1 as we play as Leysha

With Emem and Journey gone, the spotlight will be on Leysha, who is doing a crucial duty for the Prince. You’ll snoop about the apartments of some of Boston’s top actors in the vampiric underworld in this section, maybe unearthing some extremely revealing information.

Should she fight the premonition or succumb to it?

Fight the Premonition

If Leysha manages to shake the feeling, she observes Emem and Journey end their chat and exit the room. The couple will either note that they’re going to meet the prince or that Journey is heading to the Anarchs’ base, depending on your selection at the end of Emem’s portion of scene 1.

Succumb to the Premonition

Leysha gives in to the vision, imagining herself in a tent in an ethereal clearing. She’s on her knees, a cross tattooed across her forehead. When she wakes up, Emem and Journey have vanished. When she sees Hazel later, she won’t be able to report on their conversation.

Gather Clues

It’s time to start digging up dirt on Boston Court’s best now that Emem and Journey have left. Before you leave Jara’s flat, go into her room and look on the left-hand bookcase. You’ll find a pushable folder that reveals a pink folder behind it. Grab it in order to prove Journey’s innocence. Below, it’s circled in red:
After that, go to your bedside table and open the box there. The note Hazel requested that you deliver to her will be found within. Take it and add it to your collection.

Finally, search for a photo with a number on it in the tiny eating room to the right of the apartment entrance. It must be placed next to a letter. In the photo, the number will be 1841. Use that code to open Jara’s laptop on her desk in her bedroom, allowing you to look through her correspondence.

Dajan’s Apartment

Open Dajan’s door with your key and step inside. Look about the room for interactive artifacts such as tarot cards, the newspaper on the desk, and the book of rituals. When you’re ready, enter Dajan’s chamber and gaze to your right at the dead crow on the dresser. Leysha can deduce from her education or deduction that the crow was most likely used in a ritual.

Go inside the bathroom and inspect the knife in the sink. You can determine that the knife was used to draw animal blood using Lv1 Education. Return to your bedroom and employ auspex once you’ve completed your analysis. You’ll discover a secret message in the wardrobe that Leysha’s power, obfuscate, can expose. Because she has the power to reveal hidden objects, it’s also worth going into Auspex if you think you’re missing something.


Take a right out of the flat with the letter in your possession. Take your key and walk over to the large black door. You’ll emerge on a balcony with a view of the main lobby area of the Boston Court. Cross to the opposite side of the room, unlock the tall door with the key, and enter.

When Leysha enters the next region, she will say that she isn’t allowed to be seen here, revealing a new type of her obfuscation power called Unseen Passage. Leysha may use Unseen Passage to turn invisible at will, allowing her to seek regions unseen. However, there are several disadvantages to this talent. You can’t interact with objects or talk to people while in this condition. However, you may still read notes.

Hilda’s Apartment

Head left into Hilda’s apartment using Unseen Passage. Leysha will say that being too close to Hilda will make her sense her, so don’t worry. Hilda will not notice you in this part. Turn on Auspex and use it to listen in on her conversations.

The “spy on Hilda” objective will be completed after she finishes talking. Read the message next to Hilda’s bed in her room on the opposite side of the room. Leave the apartment once you’ve finished.

Richard’s flat is the last one you’ll need to see. It’s directly across the hallway from Berel’s apartment. Go over there and enter with your key. You’ll see a brief sequence of Leysha entering the chamber before being free to explore.

Halsey will be exploring this sector in search of her teddy bear. Wait until you’re ready to exit the level and see Hazel before speaking with her. Instead, turn left into the bedroom through the door. Open the hidden container in the headrest of a crimson sofa on the right side of the room. A floppy disk can be found within if you look hard enough.

Replace the floppy disk in the machine and return to the main office area. Read the email by clicking “consult” on the screen. After that, go over any remaining notes in the office and, when you’re ready, speak with Halsey and inform her that you’re ready to leave.