Way Of The Hunter Beginner’s Guide

Way of the Hunter

Starting out in the new hunting game Way of the Hunter will be made easier with the aid of our beginner’s guide.

Way Of The Hunter Beginner’s Guide

Whether you are familiar with the genre or not, the game has a sizable environment and a variety of mechanics you might want to know about. All the information you require on the Way of the Hunter will be covered in our beginner’s handbook today.


Another tool in The Way of the Hunter that aids in animal tracking is needzones. This operates in an easy manner. You’ll come across places like the one in the image below at various stages.

Way Of The Hunter Beginner’s Guide

They are known as Needzones. Animals will show up on the map after you study the Needzones. 

How to Change the time

By taking a nap, you can alter the time of day in the Way of the Hunter. By interacting with the bed and deciding how long to sleep for, you can take a nap in your cabin.

Way Of The Hunter Beginner’s Guide

Additionally, by taking a nap at a campsite, you can also modify the time of day. Interact with the camp fire to bring up the sleep screen. Another thing to keep in mind is that only the hours can be changed, not the minutes.

Character Perks

In plain English, perks essentially improve your in-game skills and abilities, such as your shotgun, rifle, and hunting proficiency. 

There, you can see every benefit your character can acquire. You will be significantly disadvantaged while conducting your hunts if you ignore the bonuses. Gunslinger, being quick on the draw, being able to control kickback, having solid hands, and many other fantastic advantages are therefore things you should absolutely keep an eye on.

Way of the Hunter Loadout

The loadout management is yet another crucial component of our today’s Way of the Hunter Beginner’s Guide. From the Character tab, you can check your loadout or inventory. 

You can put different weapons into a few of the slots to load your inventory. There is an abundance of equipment, primary and secondary weapons. From your Jeeps trunk or the gun locker you can change your loadout.


Ammunition is free in Way of the Hunter. From your storage locker or Jeep’s trunk you can refill your ammo. Simply interact with the storage locker and it will automatically refill your ammunition.

Hunter Senses

You probably have have a good idea of what Hunter Senses is if you are familiar with the survival/stealth genre. The way these senses typically function in video games is that you push a button, which makes all the items, creatures, or opponents around visible.

Way Of The Hunter Beginner’s Guide

In The Way of the Hunter, Hunter Senses function a little differently. You can always keep your hunter senses on in The Way of the Hunter. The edges of the screen are now darker as you activate Hunter Senses by pressing Y on your Xbox.

Hunter Sense makes it simpler for you to locate objects or animals by highlighting all the important local information.


It is one of the most crucial recommendations in our Way of the Hunter Beginner’s guide because there is no better way to learn a game than by playing it and completing its tasks. Additionally, finishing missions is an excellent method to gain in-game money.

Way Of The Hunter Beginner’s Guide

In order to unlock the shop to purchase new gear you will have to complete the first few missions. The missions are also a great way to learn the story of River Knox his grandfather and the other characters in the game. Completing the Stories Main Missions will unlock Way of the Hunter Comic Books.

How to Purchase Weapons and Gear

Of course you wouldn’t have anticipated a hunting game sans guns. There are numerous different rifle and shotgun models in Way of the Hunter. Use the computer to interact, then select the Shop tab to access the weapons.

Way Of The Hunter Beginner’s Guide

By interacting with the storage and then selecting the shop tab, you can also access the weapons in this manner. Grandpa’s Old Rifle is your starting weapon in the game. As you progress through the game and earn more money, you’ll inevitably be able to purchase new weaponry.

Additionally, on the Shops page, you may buy a range of accessories including callers and binoculars in addition to a variety of attachments that you can use to improve certain weapons.

Another tab int he shop is called Boundaries. These passes can be purchased from the shop that grants you access to hunt in these private lands. You can also complete missions for the land owners to gain free access to hunt on their land.

Blood trails and tracking

The main focus of Way of the Hunter is hunting, and one of the most crucial elements of the game is understanding Blood trails, which we will discuss in this Beginner’s tutorial. You can determine the animal’s condition from the color of its blood after it has been shot.

Way Of The Hunter Beginner’s Guide

Interacting with the blood splash allows you to view the blood trail.

Lung and artery shots will have pink with bubbles in the blood

Bone & Flesh – red and clear small amount of blood

Stomach and Intestines – red with green mixed in (bits of food)


Almost everything that is included and missing in our Beginner’s guide is included in the encyclopedia in Way of The Hunter. There are guns, player positions, vehicle handling, zeroing, aiming, and dynamic sights, as well as ethical hunting, quick transit, markers, and employment.

Way Of The Hunter Beginner’s Guide

It is incredibly thorough, and if you happen to forget something, simply consult the in-game encyclopedia for a fast reminder.

Way Of The Hunter Beginner’s Guide
Way Of The Hunter Beginner’s Guide