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Where to Find Wild Duck Location in Way Of The Hunter

Wild Duck Location in Way Of The Hunter

There are missions for hunting various wild creatures in Way of the Hunter. As the plot develops, you’ll receive the assignment “Wild Duck Foie Gras,” which requires you to hunt three wild ducks.

Way of the Hunter Video Game Duck Hunting Guide.

Are you interested in learning more about wild duck hunting or are you a seasoned hunter seeking for some advice? Do you want to know where the finest area to hunt this duck can be found? If so, this manual is available to you!

Wild Duck Location

North of Bear Den Ranch you will find an area filled with wild ducks. All you have to do is move toward the North till you come across a river. Lesser scaup, wild ducks and goose can be found here either swimming in the ponds are walking through the marsh.

You can unlock the Break-action perk called Eye Align and receive 20% faster firearm alignment to the target by hitting 75 birds in flight with a break-action shotgun.

Maybe the Best location for hunting Wild Duck in Way of the Hunter is in the Fall Reservoir. Just north of Ruiz’s cabin there is a huge marsh with loads of wild duck, lesser scaup and Ross’s goose. Moose are also feeding in drinking in the Fall Reservoir.

Kaniksu Shores Swamps

The area I have circled on the map below located in Kaniksu Shores also has a very large marshy area to hunt for wild ducks, lesser scaup and goose. Located North of the Fall Reservoir you will find a campsite just south of the marsh.

Hot spots for Lesser Scaup in Way of the Hunter. These areas are also great locations to hunt for Lesser Scaup. I hope you enjoy playing Way Of The Hunter.

Best duck location in Way of the Hunter

Hot spots for wild ducks in Way of the Hunter.

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Hot spots for wild ducks in Way of the Hunter.