Way of the Hunter Moose Hunting

Way of the Hunter

Where to find and hunt Moose in Way of the Hunter

Are you looking for feed and drinks zones for Moose in Way of the Hunter? Use this Moose guide to find the best locations to hunt Moose in Way of the Hunter.


Falls Reservoir Swamps

Way of the Hunter Moose Hunting

There are many locations in Nez Perce Valley to hunt Moose. I find the best locations are in the Swamps located in Falls Reservoir Private Land.

There are two ways to get entrance to these exclusive hunting grounds, but like with most things in life, the simplest option is to pay money. You may view all of the hunting licenses available in the game by selecting the Shop menu and then selecting Boundaries. You can gain access to these lands by purchasing these licenses, however they can be somewhat expensive.

Perform quests for the landowners as an additional means of obtaining their consent. There are frequently quests available when you enter camps or cabins on their territory. The landowners will respect you more if you complete these objectives. Until you can ultimately obtain their permission to hunt on their property.

Breakwater Swamps and Kaniksu Shores Swamps

Moose age and weight chart.

Best place to hunt moose in way of the hunter