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Weird West Abducted Blacksmith Guide

Weird West Walkthrough

You are welcomed with an introductory side mission early on in Weird West that can be a little difficult to figure out. “The Abducted Blacksmith” in Weird West offers a surprisingly simple solution that you might miss if you’ve been turned off by the terrifying time limit. Here’s how to deal with it.

Full Walkthrough for Weird West Abducted Blacksmith

As you make your way through Grackle for the first time, you’ll be offered this assignment. A woman called Betty Jones will approach you in the outskirts of town and tell you about her husband, who has been kidnapped. This quest is significant since it rewards you with several things and improves your standing with the blacksmith.

Unfortunately, there is a time limit on this quest. It’s a very large one (5 days), so you won’t have to rush it. I had three days left when I saved him on my first attempt, when I had no idea what was going on. Pay close attention to how everything works, as this is the game’s first big side mission. It’s a fantastic way to learn.

Saving The Abducted Blacksmith

Weird West Walkthrough

This mission will naturally be accomplished alongside the main quest, even if it isn’t immediately clear. Despite Betty’s claim that he has been taken by the Stillwaters, you may find them in a few outposts throughout the game, so you might consider looking there. Don’t.

You’ll be on the hunt for the Stillwaters as part of the main questline. To acquire your next clue, follow it to the “Tracking Site.” This quest serves as a world-wide tutorial, demonstrating how bounty hunters function. Greenwater Run will finally come into view. As you approach, he will cry out to you. If you have lockpicks, you can get him out, but don’t waste them here.

If you go to the nearest house, you’ll discover a cave with a hatch. To get the key to the jail, follow this cave all the way to the end. This game contains a good number of adversaries, but it’s also full with environmental hazards, making it an excellent way to obtain a quick kill. You may also use Dean Stillwater to obtain a friend later in the game by bandaging him up here.

Return to the top and let him out. Unfortunately, members of the gang may ambush you as you leave the cave. The easiest thing to do here is to position yourself near a doorframe so you can keep an eye on a specific path and pull them out as they approach. If you haven’t yet purchased a horse, you might as well steal one here.

Return to Grackle to get your reward once you’ve completed all of this. The blacksmith will finally open, allowing you to smelt your ore into refined resources, and your wife will give you a wonderful updated pistol. Making friends is a key element of Weird West, and this adventure demonstrates why it’s worthwhile to take the time to save as many people as possible.

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