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Weird West: How to find Olvidado Pueblo and open the mine

How to find Olvidado Pueblo in Weird West

How to find Olvidado Pueblo in Weird West

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There are a lot of quests throughout Weird West’s five excursions, and while many of them are about making decisions and dealing with the repercussions, a few of them require you to solve puzzles. One of the most important occurs near the end of The Protector quest, when you must locate Olvidado Pueblo, a forgotten village. Continue reading if you require assistance.

By this point in the main plot, you should have delivered the three bracelets to The Scholar and marked the location of Olvidado Pueblo on your map. If you go there, you’ll see a large, mainly empty map. Do you recall the three bracelet riddles? They’ll advise you how to phone the settlement from where you’re standing. Stand steady on the stones between the rocks and trees for a brief moment, and the entire town will emerge in a phantom flash.

Out of House and Home Quest in Weird West

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Then you’ll have to figure out how to go to the mine entrance, which is a difficult endeavor. Proceed to the largest house in town, the one with the bricked-up windows. Find the stairs leading to the balcony and jump around the first regular window. Climb inside and proceed to the sagging floorboards. Because the majority of the compartments are locked, there is just one way out. Break through the boards to get to the lower floor.

To get to the piano room, return to this path, but don’t enter just yet. Instead, take the neighboring stairs to a room you couldn’t get to earlier. Back downstairs, flick the switch, and a number of previously locked chambers are now open to the public.

In the piano chamber, take the fight to the Wraith. Return to the trail to find the mine entrance, which is currently locked. You’ll need to be able to converse with spirits to begin, but fortunately, a new quest marker will be placed at Thriving Place. Turn the switch near the mine entrance to open the house’s main doors; this will save you a lot of time when you return.

Return to Thriving Place, and West Standing Woman will tell you that a spirit-walking ceremony necessitates the use of Mashkiki Bark and copper. Copper is likely to be found in your home. If you don’t have any, you can find copper nuggets in various mines or melt down a copper bar if you don’t have any. You’ll get another quest marker when it comes to the bark, which will direct you to the tree where you can peel it off. Return to West Standing Woman with these, and a cutscene will play. After that, you’ll be able to interact with spirits. On the minimap, moon icons, which you’ve probably seen previously, are utilized to indicate them.

Return to Olvidado Pueblo with your new ability. When you arrive, you’ll have to fight a few waves of Ravenous. Your own cousin may attack you depending on your quest choices, so be prepared to defend yourself. Return to your original location after the battle to summon the town. Speak with the phantom children who live behind the front door (which you hoped you had already opened). They’ll teach you the mine’s secret signal, which you’ll store in your inventory as a “key.” You can then enter the mine, fight the hungry ghost, and finish The Protector’s quest.

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