What’s the release date for Crimson Desert?

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Although the new open world action game isn’t a straight sequel to Black Desert Online, there are some parallels to be expected.

A War-Torn World

A large continent that is divided… A scorching desert… Cities that are both dangerous and beautiful… In Crimson Desert, brutal realism often takes precedence over artistic beauty.

Pywel, a large continent divided into different sections inhabited by people striving to survive in its ever-changing surroundings, is the setting for Crimson Desert. Each region has its own distinct beauty, from the immense plains of Akapen to the inhospitably cold lands of Kweiden or the bleak Desert. You may have to scrape away the grime to see it, though!

Because it’s coated in blood, the desert is crimson. That’s the first (and possibly most crucial) thing to know about Crimson Desert, a new open-world action game from the creators of Black Desert Online. “A narrative written in blood,” according to the official website, and blood is evidently all over the sand.

Pearl Abyss has chosen to postpone the game’s release until 2022 as a result of the pandemic. This was announced on Twitter, which has been largely inactive since September.

What is Crimson Desert’s backstory?

Though the connection to Black Desert remains a mystery, Pearl Abyss has provided some information on the story. Your mission, set in the world of Pywel, is to travel to various regions, unifying them behind your cause and enlisting allies.

On the game’s website, there are a few tidbits, but this is the clearest synopsis of the plot: “The Unifier of Lands, King of Demeniss, is in a coma. Those who have suffered under his brutal rule now want to exploit his vulnerability as a result of the power vacuum that has resulted. Some of those who have been oppressed by his conquests want nothing more than independence, while others dream of establishing their own absolute monarchy.”

Crimson Desert – World Premiere Gameplay Trailer